5 Classic Tweed Pieces Everyone Needs in Their Wardrobe


Tweed is a timelessly chic fabric that has long become a must in any modern man and woman’s wardrobe, and for good reason. It is warm, durable, and sophisticated, and elevates any outfit with ease. Investing in a few key tweed pieces can give your look an instant charm without having to rethink your whole style and spend a lot of money on new garments. Here are some classy tweed pieces that you should invest in to upgrade your closet.


If you can only afford to buy one tweed garment at the moment, let it be a classy blazer. Choose one with a structured silhouette and an elongated style that will add elegance to any look. For especially cold days, opt for a thick tweed blazer with wool blends so that you can wear it no matter the setting and stay comfortable all day long. To keep your outfit looking modern, experiment with unexpected details such as unique patterns or bright wood buttons that will make the look seem more creative.


Vests were usually regarded as a part of men’s wardrobe, but women look just as good wearing them. This versatile piece can be worn up or down depending on the occasion and thanks to its lightweight construction, it is great for layering during fall and winter months. For those days when you want to add some extra warmth without sacrificing your style, try wearing a herringbone tweed vest over a classic white t-shirt or a turtleneck sweater. This way, you’ll get a sophisticated outfit that will draw attention to your waistline.

Irish hats

Irish caps made of tweed have always been highly regarded, but their popularity has definitely skyrocketed after the Peaky Blinders series. This is a stylish and practical accessory that is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to the boring beanies, baseball caps, and other basic headpieces. Irish caps from Keilys are a wonderful addition to both men and women’s wardrobe that you can wear with a trench coat, three piece suit, knit dresses, or even a hoodie.


A high-quality, carefully crafted tweed coat is a piece that is worth every penny and due to its ageless elegance and the fabric that it is made of, it is sure to serve for a lifetime. Apart from being warm and durable just like any other garment made of tweed, it provides an appeal to any outfit that it is added to, which overall makes it a reliable garment for every cold month of the year. The versatility of a tweed coat is truly unique, as it effortlessly transitions from casual settings to more formal occasions, making sure that you always look put together.


Although we usually associate tweed with warm garments that can protect us from the cold, tweed shorts are an excellent piece for the spring and summer months that can help you experiment with your style and create eye-catching outfits. Such shorts are great for old money and equestrian inspired outfits, particularly when combined with other clothes made of natural fabrics such as linen shirts and cotton tops.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.