A Showdown: Ulike Vs Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 – Making the Right Choice


In the realm of hair removal, the options seem endless. From traditional methods like shaving to waxing, and everything in between, finding the right method can be overwhelming. 

However, two popular choices that have gained significant attention recently are Ulike and Braun Silk Expert Pro 3. 

These devices have garnered substantial attention due to their utilization of at-home IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which promises long-term hair removal results.  

In this article, we aim to alleviate the confusion surrounding these devices by conducting a thorough comparison and analysis of their features, performance, and overall value. By delving into the intricacies of each device, we hope to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about which one best suits your specific needs and preferences. 

Ulike Vs Braun Silk Expert Pro 3: The Key Differences

Here are some key differences between these two devices that helps you make the right choice: 

1.   Inside the Box

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 comes with a comprehensive vanity kit that encompasses various accessories. This kit includes a power cable, three types of heads (standard, wide cap, and 2 precision caps), and a regular Venus extra smooth razor. These accessories cater to different treatment needs and offer versatility in the hair removal process. 

In contrast, the Ulike IPL device is bundled with a power cable, a conveniently-sized travel-friendly razor, and a pair of stylish dark glasses specifically designed to protect your eyes from the emitted light. While the FDA may not require the use of protective eyewear, I commend Ulike for including these glasses as an additional safety measure. Moreover, the Ulike device is accompanied by a high-quality storage case, which allows you to securely secure the handset, preventing it from accumulating dust and maintaining its longevity.     

2.   Design & Build Quality 

Starting with the design and build quality, both the Ulike and Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 are well-crafted devices. Ulike devices boast a sleek and modern design, with a compact size that fits comfortably in your hand. It features a white and gold color scheme, giving it an elegant and premium look. 

On the other hand, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 has a more utilitarian design, with a white and lilac color combination. It is slightly bulkier compared to the Ulike but still feels solid and well-built. 

3.   Ease of Use

In terms of user-friendliness, both devices are relatively easy to use, even for beginners. Ulike hair removal devices feature a simple one-button operation, making it straightforward and hassle-free. It also comes with a clear and informative user manual to guide you through the process. 

Ulike offers 5 intensity levels, enabling personalized treatment based on individual comfort levels and specific hair removal requirements. Users have the flexibility to begin with a lower intensity setting and gradually increase it as necessary. This customizable approach ensures a tailored experience for optimal comfort and desired results. 

Furthermore, the device features three distinct treatment modes to cater to different areas of the body. The soft mode is specifically designed for delicate regions like the face, bikini area, and upper lip, offering effective and permanent hair removal in these sensitive areas. When it comes to larger body parts such as the arms and legs, the Body mode is better suited for efficient treatment. For extra-sensitive areas such as the underarms and chest, the Power mode ensures a comfortable and safe hair removal experience. With these three modes, users can easily adapt the device to their specific needs and achieve optimal results in various areas of the body.     

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 3, on the other hand, has a slightly more complex interface with multiple buttons for different settings. However, it compensates for this with an intuitive user interface and helpful indicators. 

4.   Performance & Effectiveness 

Performance and effectiveness are the most crucial aspects of these devices. Both Ulike and Braun utilize IPL technology to target and disable hair follicles, resulting in long-term hair reduction. The Ulike hair removal device boasts an impressive 1 million flashes, ensuring a long lifespan before the need for replacement cartridges. It also offers adjustable energy levels to accommodate different skin tones and hair types. 

Additionally, what caught my attention about the Ulike hair removal devices is their remarkable claim of delivering noticeable results within a mere three weeks. Most other devices in the market typically require up to eight weeks of continuous usage to show similar outcomes. This accelerated timeline intrigued me greatly. Moreover, the convenience of being able to permanently remove unwanted hair without the need to visit a salon was a significant advantage for me. Not only does it save time and effort, but it also proves to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run compared to regular salon visits.  

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 3, on the other hand, features a powerful IPL system with 300,00 flashes and the maximal power of this model is 4.21 J/cm2. It comes with a gentle mode for beginners and a gliding mode for faster treatments. One notable feature of the Braun device is its SensoAdapt technology, which continuously reads your skin tone and adjusts the intensity accordingly for optimal results. This ensures safety and avoids skin damage.

5.   Versatility & Additional Features 

In terms of versatility and additional features, the Ulike and Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 offer different functionalities. The Ulike focuses solely on hair removal and does not provide any additional attachments or modes. However, it does come with a built-in skin tone sensor to ensure safe usage. 

The Ulike Sapphire AIR3 IPL hair removal handset caught my attention for its unique cooling feature. What sets it apart is the incorporation of a patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology. Unlike traditional laser hair removal devices that deliver a hot zap, this device emits a cooling flash during the treatment process. The cooling effect is achieved through a triple temperature control cooling system, which activates in less than a minute. Once turned on, it maintains a steady temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for a duration of 30 minutes. The cool temperature is incredibly comfortable and soothing on the skin.  

On the other hand, Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 offers a precision attachment, specifically designed for treating smaller areas such as the face or bikini line. This attachment enables more targeted treatment and enhances the device’s versatility. Furthermore, the Braun device comes with a convenient gliding mode, making it easier to treat larger areas quickly. 

6.   Display 

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 provides dedicated buttons specifically designed for adjusting the light intensity level. Although the absence of a digital display may necessitate manual adjustments, the presence of these buttons allow for flexibility and control throughout the hair removal process. 

On the other hand, the Ulike device surpasses the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 in terms of technology. Ulike’s devices  incorporate advanced features such as IPL hair removal, the ice-touch feature, and a built-in light sensor, all of which contribute to exceptional safety and performance. The presence of a user-friendly touchscreen display accompanied by a single button further enhances the device’s ease of use, making it effortless for users to operate. 

7.   Safety of Use

When it comes to the safety of using modern IPL devices, Ulike and Braun prioritize this crucial aspect. However, Ulike sets itself apart by offering additional features that enhance safety during the hair removal process. 

The Ulike IPL device incorporates an advanced Ice-Cooling Tech, which actively regulates the device’s surface temperature. This innovative technology not only minimizes the risk of discomfort but also ensures that the device remains safe for use on the skin, reducing the chance of burns or skin irritation. Moreover, Ulike provides a pair of protective glasses that effectively shield the eyes from the emitted light, adding an extra layer of safety during the treatment. 

Furthermore, Ulike has obtained FDA approval, which serves as a testament to the device’s safety and effectiveness. This regulatory endorsement solidifies Ulike’s position as a trusted and reliable brand in the field of IPL hair removal. Similarly, the Braun hair removal device utilizes skin tone sensing technology to ensure compatibility and does not require the use of goggles during the treatment.

Overall, while Ulike and Braun prioritizes safety, Ulike goes above and beyond by offering features such as Ice-Cooling Tech and included protective eyewear, providing users with enhanced peace of mind during their hair removal sessions.  

8.   Price and Value 

Finally, let’s discuss the price and overall value of these devices. Ulike is relatively more affordable compared to the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3, making it a budget-friendly option. Despite its lower price, it delivers solid performance and longevity, making it a great value for the money. 

On the other hand, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 is a higher-end device with advanced features and technology. While it is more expensive, it offers exceptional performance, justifying the higher price tag for those seeking premium quality and additional features. 

The Overall Winner 

After using Ulike Sapphire AIR3 for an approximate 3 months, I can confidently express my immense satisfaction with the results achieved. Thus, in my opinion, Ulike emerges as the clear winner. Adhering to Ulike’s recommended treatment schedule, which involved using the device every other day during the initial two weeks and subsequently reducing it to twice a week from weeks three to four, I discovered that I only required occasional touch-up sessions thereafter. 

One noteworthy aspect that truly impressed me was the Ulike’s luxurious packaging and visually-appealing design. It precisely met all my criteria for a home hair removal device, particularly considering my low pain tolerance. 

Ultimately, Ulike not only met but exceeded my expectations, demonstrating itself to be a valuable investment.   

How to Choose the Right Hair Removal Device for Your Needs

  • Treatment Areas: Consider the areas you want to treat. Some devices are designed for larger body areas, while others have attachments for smaller, more sensitive areas like the face or bikini line. Choose a device that caters to your desired treatment areas.
  • Skin Tone & Hair Color Compatibility: IPL devices work best on certain skin tones and hair colors. Some devices are not suitable for darker skin tones or lighter hair colors. Check the device’s specifications and ensure it is suitable for your specific skin and hair type to achieve optimal results.
  • Customization Features: Different devices offer varying levels of energy intensity. Consider a device with adjustable energy levels to customize the treatment according to your comfort level and their thickness. This flexibility allows for more personalized and effective treatments. 
  • Price & Warranty: Set a budget and compare the prices of different devices. However, keep in mind that cheaper options may not always provide the same level of performance and durability. Consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer to ensure support in case of any issues or defects. 
  • User-Friendly Features: Look for devices with user-friendly interfaces, clear instructions, and easy-to-understand indicators. A device with intuitive controls and informative guides will make your hair removal sessions more convenient and hassle-free. 
  • Safety Features: Look for devices with built-in safety features, such as skin tone sensors and skin contact sensors. These features ensure that the device adjusts the intensity according to your skin tone and only emits light pulses when in proper contact with the skin, minimizing the risk of burns or skin damage.    

The Bottom Line 

Both the Ulike and Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 are excellent choices for at-home IPL hair removal. The Ulike impresses with its sleek design, ease of use, and affordability, making it a compelling option for those on a budget. 

On the other hand, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 shines with its advanced features, including SensoAdapt technology, precision attachment, and gliding mode, justifying the higher price for those seeking premium performance and versatility. 

Ultimately, the choice between the Ulike and Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 depends on your budget, specific needs, and priorities. Regardless of your selection, both devices offer a convenient and effective way to achieve long-term hair reduction in the comfort of your home.         

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.