What Are Phone Chains and Why Are They So Popular?


If you’d like to add some style to your phone’s everyday look in an incredibly practical way, take a closer look at phone chains. Using a phone strap or chain keeps your smartphone secure and within easy reach, and these accessories come in super cool designs that add a unique look to your phone. Explore the latest trend in phone chains and why they’re so popular.

What Are Phone Chains?

A phone chain is a type of strap that connects to your cellphone’s case. They come in various styles, from braided-leather wristlets to beaded phone straps. A phone chain is usually snaked into the case through the opening of the mute button or charging port. With a chain attached to your phone, you can carry your phone without worrying about dropping it since you have the extra security of the chain.

Why Are Phone Chains So Popular?

Understanding people’s attraction to phone chains starts with youthful memories.  For many, the chains remind them of the Y2K phone-charm trend. Back in the day, flip phones had a hook for attaching to keychains; stylish teens often used that hook to dress up their phones with decorative charms. Also, many phone chains have a beaded design, and creating with beads is a popular craft for kids. So, straps made from beads have become a statement of youthful exuberance at any age.


When you purchase that new iPhone 14 Pro Max case, for instance, you can add a phone chain with brilliant colors. The beads enhance the beauty of the case and phone.

Many celebrities have been photographed with phone chains dangling from their phones over the past few years, giving the accessories a massive boost in popularity. For instance, Miley Cyrus posted selfies that showed off a phone chain with colorful beads. Model Kendall Jenner has also made a statement with beaded phone chains. Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa are other influential stars who use phone chains with cool and unique styles, as everything early-2000s is all the rage in fashion.

How To Use Phone Chains

Phone chains are simple to use. You’ll usually choose a particular opening in the case, such as in the charging port or in the mute button, to use as the chain’s connection point. For some iPhone 14 cases, the charging-port opening is wide enough for the chain to connect with the greatest security.

Ideally, select a case opening that doesn’t hinder the strap’s use or the nearby button’s functionality. The strap should be free to move while you access the button with ease.

Lay the chain’s connection end into the case, press the phone back into the case, and you’ll have a strap ready to go. Simply check a few areas first before dangling your phone around. For instance, the clip connecting the phone to the strap should close without any gap. Most connectors are made from metal for durability. If you have a phone case with a built-in loop on the back or corner of the case, you can find chains that attach to it that way, too.


After attaching the strap to the phone, you can wear it like a purse strap or phone wristlet. You need to treat your chain with care, but a quality product will have the strength to withstand normal daily wear. Most fastener designs make it nearly impossible to drop the phone with the chain securely attached.

Many phone chain designs come with detachable straps so that only the connector stays in place. If you need to take off the chain or change it out with another one, simply remove the strap from the phone while leaving the connector attached to the case. There may be only a small loop extending from the case then.

Phone Chain Designs

Phone chains come in a seemingly infinite number of colors, styles and shapes. You can easily use a different phone chain every day of the week. Enjoy styles with graphics, beaded hearts, faceted beads and other accents. You can also find leather straps and glamorous options that resemble high-end jewelry.

Crossbody chain styles are perfect for when you’re on the go. You can keep your phone close at hand — no need to dig around in a bag when you need it — but your hands stay completely free. Wristlets are just right for everyday use and look great with everything from casual outfits to more dressed-up looks. The beaded styles present a more dressed-down vibe, whereas jeweled and metallic chains look especially elegant, making them ideal for wear on special occasions. They also add a touch of glam to everyday looks.

Wristlets have small beads, links or strap sizes compared to crossbody styles. Consider function and durability as you select either of these strap types. The crossbody chains must be thicker so that they don’t easily break as you move around. In contrast, wristlets are worn close to the body, so they don’t need thick sections for durability. Their size is mainly dictated by the designer’s style and can range from dainty bracelets to substantial cuffs.

Stay Stylish and Connected

Phone chains are all about feeling fashionable while staying connected to the modern world. This fun accessory combines form, function and fashion into one. Phone chains can reflect your personality and style with quality materials and exciting designs. With phone chains, you can take that selfie — without worrying about dropping your phone — and look great!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.