7 Outfit Ideas For A Great Casino Night


Dressing up for the casino is an exciting time to dress the part. If a casino has a special gathering, like a major concert, tournament, or show, dressing up can help make you feel confident and comfortable. And a few savvy style ideas can help you stay elegant and stylish and fit right in. 

Whether you choose a high-roller style or cocktail attire, most casinos have a casino royale or casino night theme. 

Below we will explore the most popular casino outfits if you want to grab your crew and hit Sin City in style.


Roll out the red carpet with a formal dress, jumpsuit, or tuxedo if the event is black-tie. For themed formal parties, a costume store might have everything you need! 

Dresses and Jumpsuits

For dresses, look for sexy and sleek and not poofy. If the invitation is formal, a floor-length dress or jumpsuit (in some cases) can work. Black or navy is the preferred color that will fit right in. 

While a jumpsuit makes a statement, dress it up with diamonds and wear high heels. A strapless jumpsuit is elegant, but bring a shawl or pashmina (if the casino gets cold).  

Accessorize your outfit with gold jewelry or silver. 

Cost-Saving Tip

Consider a website like Rent the Runway. You can rent glamorous attire cheaper than buying it all at a department store.


For men’s attire, a tux is appropriate for a formal event. However, note if the invitation says formal white party, a white tux would be the appropriate attire. Check online for the latest fashion trends

Great Gatsby and Roaring 20’s Themes

Consider a formal tailcoat tuxedo for a themed event like a Great Gatsby party. With a Roaring 20’s theme, women can wear a flapper dress and feather hat. 

Wardrobe Tip

Look for your outfits in a costume rental shop. You can find all the accessories (and save time!). Party Central might also have a few cheap options, especially if the party is Halloween-themed.

Cocktail Dresses and Suits

Wear a cocktail dress, as they come in varying colors, styles, and lengths. Vary your style with fringe or sequins and add a boa or wrap if you want to dress it up. Wear chunky jewels to make a statement, a minimalist look with neutral makeup, or choose bold red lipstick.

Men should wear dress pants, a dress shirt, and a jacket with or without a tie. Choose black or navy to fit in with the other guests. For summer events a white suit or pastel color might be more appropriate for summer events. 

If you need help, speak to the concierge or event planners who can help.

Gambling Tip

If you are new to gambling, try slot machines or table games (poker, blackjack). High rollers usually head to the tables where you will see the minimum bets ($5, $10 per hand). 

If you prefer online action instead, you can always look up instant withdrawal online casinos and use the cash match deposit offer (to double your bankroll!).

Dressy Sharp

A fun style making a comeback is a dressy pantsuit with heels. Instead of a dress shirt, wear a camisole underneath. Choose a neutral suit color like beige, tan, navy, or black. You can also choose a bold color like red or navy blue for a color that pops. 

Men’s attire for dressy sharp at a casino might include a cool smoking jacket and slacks. However, dressy sharp can also include skinny jeans and Air Jordan’s with a blazer. 

Shopping Tip

If you need help dressing for a casino event, check on Etsy. Type in the themed event (70s party, 80s Flashback, masquerade ball) for inspiring ideas!


What are the best outfits for men at a casino?

Casual-elegant can include jeans, a blazer, a T-shirt, and sneakers. Jeans and T-shirts are fine, but if you attend a formal restaurant, check to see if they require jackets.

Are sneakers okay to wear in every casino?

Yes! However, some clubs do not allow sneakers, so confirm the attire.  

Is it okay to wear a formal dress to a casino?

Yes. If you are attending a show or performance. However, avoid puffy dresses and taffeta. 

Wrap Up

Heading to a formal casino event can be exciting. However, you should check ahead to ensure you wear the right outfit. While jeans and sneakers might be appropriate for men, some venues require a jacket. Women can usually get away with a black cocktail dress and coordinating jewelry.

The event staff might be able to give you an idea of the appropriate attire, and you can always see if they have pictures of the previous year’s event to see what other people wore. 

Wearing black is always a safe color, and betting on black is, too! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.