How to Do Transitions in Tik-Tok 2023


You can make your first video without professional editing knowledge. Let’s walk through how to shoot TikTok in a native app step by step, no matter the platform. There are two main ways: shoot and edit a video directly in the application or upload a finished video to TikTok from the gallery. For example, there are apps for editing TikTok. First, let’s figure out how to shoot videos on TikTok right in the application. Read about how to do transitions on TikTok and learn all the important points!

But preparation begins the same way every time

First – the transition to shooting through the button depicting a “plus” and located at the bottom of the interface. It is not necessary to configure additional parameters, such as time, effects, and themes.

Next, it is important to deal with the timer, which is often used as an automatic “stopper”. How many seconds to set depends on the selected transition. But often bloggers prefer 3 seconds.

It is very convenient to initially create a video in the best app for editing “VJump”.

The most popular transition

“Jack” is a shooting method that got into trends faster than others and for a long time entrenched in the TikTok social network in the status of a simple but effective creative technique. You will have to shoot every time in a similar way: first, the starting position with your arm outstretched and your phone with the front camera turned on, aimed at the subject, and the timer set.

Then – the hand must be slowly lowered down, parallel to the subject. When the timer ends, the trick remains to be turned in the opposite direction, but with the phone turned upside down and the hand returning to its original position.

The “Flip over the head” transition helps to make the “flip” effect:

• Timer is a must. You will also need a front camera and a smartphone wound up behind your head.
• From there, the segment begins (approximately at the level of the crown), and ends with the hand pulled back. Next – again the timer, turn the camera upside down and return to its original position.
• The last step is to put the smartphone at face level, perform the above steps again, at the end close the camera with your hand and press pause.

A common trick that beginners and those who want to impress the public in unusual situations need to learn:

• Everything starts again with a timer of 2-3 seconds, but with an addition in the form of speed with a factor of 2 or 3.
• You will have to start shooting from the front camera, to which you need to slowly move your hand. Then there is a pause and a transition to the main camera. The hand needs to move forward again.
• The segment ends with a turn of the palm and a completely closed chamber.

The last step is to return to the front camera: the hand must be taken back. A little confusing, but after a couple of experiments, there will be no problems anymore.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.