Achieving the Perfect Cherry Blonde: The Benefits of Color-Depositing Shampoo


So how best to describe what the perfect cherry blonde color looks like exactly? Cherry blonde hair is a beautiful and vibrant shade of red that will give you a dramatic and eye-catching look. It’s something that many women strive for, but achieving the perfect cherry blonde color can be tricky. 

While there will always be slight variations in what exact shade of cherry blonde coloring is possible from person to person simply knowing the right techniques, products and tips are important for getting it just right for you and your hair.  

What Shade of Cherry Blonde and How to Decide

While making your decision on which shade of cherry blonde is perfect for you it is important to first do some research. It is important to think about your skin tone and whether the cherry blonde color will complement it or not. For those of you who have pale skin, then opting for a lighter cherry blonde shade may work best as it won’t be too dark or overpowering. However, if you have darker skin, then opting for a darker cherry blonde shading may be more suitable. It’s also worth noting that shades with golden tones tend to be more flattering, so keep this in mind when choosing your color.

Preparing Your Hair

As most of us women know it is important to know your hair type and have a proper hair care routine. Whether you have been living with long hair or short hair, before applying any hair dye or toner, it’s important to get your hair ready by preparing it properly. 

First of all, make sure your hair isn’t damaged or excessively dry as this can cause problems when trying to achieve the desired result. Before starting to apply the dye, try testing it with this strand test to minimize any potential long term damage. 

Finally, applying a good clarifying shampoo before is a great idea to help remove any excess build up or residue on your scalp that may interfere with the dye application. If you have naturally darker hair, for best results try to lighten it with color dye shampoo before applying as this will give you a more even finish and better coverage. 

Applying The Dye

Now it’s finally time to apply the dye itself! First try sectioning off small parts of your hair at a time and carefully apply the dye while using gloves for protection. Make sure to follow all safety instructions on the packaging before starting as some products are extremely strong – particularly those used for lightening darker strands – so as always it is important to know your hair type first and read product descriptions thoroughly before applying it to your hair.  

Once applied correctly throughout all sections of the hair evenly, leave it on until instructed on the product packaging (usually between 15-30 minutes). When complete, wash off thoroughly with cool water until all residue has vanished completely – never use hot water as this could cause damage to the hair follicles over time. And finally don’t forget to thoroughly rinse and condition afterward too!

For an extra boost of color vibrancy, some recommend mixing in a purple shampoo while washing in order to enhance cherry tones further – try out different products if necessary until finding one that achieves your perfect cherry blonde color.

What Are Color-Depositing Shampoos 

Color-depositing shampoos are designed to provide extra color and shine to your hair and help to maintain the cherry blonde coloring for longer. This type of shampoo is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to add color and dimension while not requiring any harsh chemicals. Here’s why color-depositing shampoo is worth a try and how it can help keep your cherry blonde looking fresh without having to constantly re-dye. 


The Benefits of Color-Depositing Shampoos

Using a color-depositing shampoo will cause less damage to your hair over time. They usually contain all natural pigments and ingredients which means no harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia are included. 

Not only are these shampoos low in cost compared to other options but they can also be used on any hair type or color to enhance the shine and health. For those of us with dry hair for best results hair-depositing shampoos should be used consistently to maintain moisture levels in the hair.  

These shampoos provide an easy and cost effective way to maintain vibrant and healthy colored hair. When our hair is exposed to environmental factors such as excessive heat or exposure to intense UV rays from the sun, the hair dye can fade out much faster than under other circumstances. Color-depositing shampoos will also help to nourish and protect against any further damage from your environment. This means that using these shampoos will not only make sure your color stays brighter for longer but also make sure that your hair stays moisturized and protected against damage! 

The extra pigment found inside color-depositing shampoos will stick to each strand of your hair when washed. This certainly makes it easier to keep up with regular dyeing appointments as you won’t need them as often since your shade will stay fresher for longer!

Overall, using a color-depositing shampoo is easily one of the best and lowest cost options to keep up with maintaining your healthy and bright colored hair without needing those frequent trips to the salon – all while protecting strands from damage! By including both conditioning agents and pigments in one product, you will find you need much fewer products – saving time, energy and expense while still maintaining amazing results!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.