Post-Mastectomy Fashion: How to Choose Good Clothes


Some of the wardrobe alterations required following a mastectomy are obvious, such as purchasing a post-surgical bra. Others may come as a surprise, such as how different certain shapes of necklines may appear on you. Getting used to these changes might be difficult. You might have to reevaluate your entire wardrobe. However, with the appropriate attitude, you can discover new methods to show your own style and confidence with your clothing.

It is essential to maintain your comfort level after your mastectomy. Wearing the proper attire during your rehabilitation might help reduce the discomfort in vulnerable regions. You don’t have to give up style for comfort. There are numerous women’s shirts, tops, and other pieces that are stylish yet casual, and most importantly, comfortable. Continue reading to find out about a few of the clothing items you might wish to have while you’re recovering.

Take Your Time

The transformations your body experiences as a result of mastectomy surgery might be shocking. It will take some time to adjust to your new appearance and clothing requirements. The changes that occur immediately following surgery might be overwhelming. Allowing you the opportunity to look at clothes you like and experiment with different ideas is essential. Make a list of outfits to test and research outfit ideas online. Trying on a variety of breast reconstruction garments before settling on the right one is also a critical aspect.

A Few Words About Undergarments

While the emphasis here is on shirts, bottoms, and skirts, it’s deeply significant to wear the proper undergarments following a mastectomy. The most common version of the bra has front pockets that will securely hold the forms in place. As a result, you will buy a bra that fits your chest and ribs well and then look for forms that are fitted and formed to give you a natural-looking appearance. A lot of these bras have an undergarment to hold the forms you are wearing and the tissue in your chest that is still there. 

For instance, some women have an asymmetrical mastectomy, which only requires a form to be placed on one side of the chest. Such a bra may support the form solely on one side and the genuine breast on the other. There is a large range of mastectomy bras with compartments in the cups that you can wear after your surgery. They offer support and help you feel comfortable as you heal. Consult your doctor about the best post-mastectomy bra for you.

The most important aspects of underwear are comfort and elasticity. Select underwear in your favorite style made of soft, breathable fabrics, such as 100% cotton. A little stretch can also help keep you pleased when it comes to lingerie and other forms of clothing, like leggings.

Tops That Are Soft and Spacious

To avoid chafing and discomfort, post-mastectomy clothing should be made of a fabric that is easy on the skin. Cotton is a wonderful choice once again because it is light, soft, and enables air to move easily. Polyester-blend materials are also light and silky against the skin. Look for clothes that wick off sweat, which is especially important if you get hot flashes.

A spacious button-up is one stylistic choice to consider. Check that the buttons do not lie too close to your body. Allow plenty of space between your skin and the shirt to prevent the cloth from rubbing on the surgical wound. Pullover tunic shirts are also a fantastic option—just make sure they fit properly.

Tops that are open, soft, and made of a breathable fabric should be fine to wear following your mastectomy. However, you should speak with your doctor about what you may and cannot wear after surgery.

Keep Your Unique Style in Mind

While comfort is crucial, your self-esteem and assurance should be taken into account as well. Your ability to express yourself through dress should not be overlooked. Following your mastectomy, you may make considerable modifications to your signature style. However, you may want to find ways to wear your favorite outfits while still adapting them to your current demands. If you’ve got a favorite style, don’t be afraid to shop in that style. Even though it takes effort, you might be astonished at how many different clothes can be put together.

Items That Are Easy to Wear

It may be difficult to lift your arms and put on and take off garments in the early stages of recovery. Even pulling a zipper can create agony at your surgery site. To avoid this, choose clothing that is simple to put on and remove. Items with front fasteners are ideal because they are easily accessible. 

Hooks, laces, and closures are easily accessed from the front of a blouse, skirt, or dress. A wrap-around top or dress is even more convenient. Make absolutely sure the neck of your t-shirt is wide. While many people like high necklines to protect their décolletage, a tiny-necked shirt will be tough to wear without elevating your shoulders.


Choosing a neckline for a post-mastectomy garment can be challenging. Many women will, understandably, choose to cover up. It is vital to realize that a chest shape will not always look like it has natural cleavage. However, you could be amazed at the various collars that suit you. Before making a decision, try a few different alternatives and see how they feel on your chest. You still may feel more at ease with a high collar, yet your options are not limited. One can still wear an otherwise perfect outfit if it has a low neckline. There are numerous ways to customize your clothing, such as adding an extra button to button-downs or closing open sections.


Pairing a camisole under anything more revealing might be a great way to broaden your outfit options. A carefully tailored camisole is ideal for post-surgery clothes. These provide compression and comfort while also holding drain tubes. Additional layers, such as a vest, cardigan, or jacket, can help conceal your upper half. You may have a lot of fun dressing using layers, which is great for folks who are self-conscious about their physique. Experiment with different colors, textures, and cuts. A vest can be layered above a blouse for a fashionable workplace dress. For a day out, a short, structured jacket might be paired with a flowy dress.

It can be challenging to adjust to a new physique and method of dressing. It is critical to maintain an objective viewpoint and realize that you will detect the distinction more than anybody else. Nobody will stare at you as intently as you do. This allows you to concentrate on dressing yourself before thinking about anyone else.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.