Black Diamonds: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets


The items containing diamonds can rightfully be called the pinnacle of jewelry. The moment the diamonds are placed on the finger, neck or wrist they inevitably add sophistication and glamor to the look. The jewelry with diamonds is the marker of high status and innate craving for beauty. The high-end diamond jewelry is the prerogative of successful people with exquisite taste. But is it unique enough for you? 

When the classic white diamonds seem too plain, it’s time to try something unusual. There’s an offer worth your attention, the mystique gems known as carbonados. Sounds pretty intriguing, though we’re still talking about diamonds, but this time they’re black. The jewelry with black diamonds deserves to be called unique, as the carbonados are rare and can be found only in a few mines of Brazil and Central Africa. They get their color from the graphite inclusions, the effect of which is still, alas, not enough to provide the gem the even deep black color. 

Despite being called the natural black diamonds, the majority of the gems are treated. This, however, doesn’t mean they are not real. The black diamonds require treatment in order to enhance their color, they remain real even after the influence they are put under. There are two ways to change the color of the diamond, and they are heat and radiation. The heat treated black diamond has an interesting peculiarity: upon a closer look with magnifying glass and light you might be able to see “pepper and salt effect”. The irradiated diamond gains its dark color due to the radiation treatment, and it is, in fact, not black but very dark green. You may spot the greenish shade of the stone with the help of light. Those manipulations help the diamond get its appealing dark color, while the natural black diamond without treatment will just demonstrate all the imperfections that the inclusions are typically considered to be, along with mediocre grayish color.

Knowing all that we may now move to the best part – choosing jewelry with black diamonds. We must warn you, that it ain’t gonna be easy, as the charm and elegance of black diamonds are too seductive, making you want more. It’ll be hard to pick only one item, so stick to your priorities and try to hold back. Or don’t. Go all out and treat yourself to luxury jewelry!

1. Rings

So, let’s start with rings. Can there possibly exist jewelry that is able to give off the masculine vibes and mysterious elegance better than cool men’s black diamond rings? As massive jewelry is rather popular these days, a statement ring with black diamonds is the best way for a man to show his sense of style. The trend for vintage jewelry is recently favored by women, so the combination of a large black diamond as a central part of the item with white diamonds surrounding it provides a fine grace of aristocratic jewelry and a bit of mischievous flair inherent to classic cocktail rings.

There are also rings made not only for fashion purposes, but to last you a lifetime. The Black Diamond Wedding Band Ring is the great example of such jewelry. The glamorous yet unobtrusive design is sure to remain topical and modern even decades later, as the black and white contrast is always a win-win decision. Besides, it’s a good reminder that you’re sharing good and bad times with your beloved person, therefore the ring will grant you strength to overcome whatever the destiny’s prepared for you.

2. Earrings

The intricate massive chandelier earrings are the top trend involved in every fashion show this season. It’s the type of earrings that will make sure your diamonds are noticed, adding to the fact that large black diamonds are rather notable on their own. They will provide the look of dramatic and fatalistic air, ensuring your sophisticated image will make an unforgettable impression. 

If you prefer more delicate earrings, the laconic hoops set with black diamonds are the great option to spice your image. They will highlight the grace of your look without stealing the spotlight. It’s a good decision to match with different clothes, as they are able to finish business looks just as great as evening outfits. The black diamonds make the simple design of hoops the luxury high-end jewelry fit for the true connoisseur.

The studs with black diamonds are the sharp and edgy jewelry loved by both men and women. You simply can’t go wrong choosing those earrings to finish your look. It’s a polished dark perfection resulting in iconic images you’ll want to repeat over and over again. But black diamond studs won’t give you such an opportunity as they make sure your every look is unique and the number of combination possibilities is almost infinite.

3. Bracelets

The charm of the black diamonds is also available in bracelets. The simplest and the most popular tennis bracelet is the easiest way to show off your black diamonds. This legendary item has earned its place in the jewelry hall of fame due to its versatility and smooth elegance. The black diamonds make the classic look more sharp and stylish, and the combination with other colors of diamonds adds the bracelet a breath of fresh air. It’s the diamond bracelet for people of every age, gender and style preferences.


The popular now beaded bracelets can also be adorned with diamonds. Men’s favorite black beaded bracelets look simply gorgeous with black diamond disco ball beads. It’s a trendy piece that adds your casual outfit effortless glamour and stylish shine. The dazzling allure of black diamonds makes the plain design of the bracelet look intriguing and edgy. It’s a good idea for a gift to a man, as such a fancy jewelry piece is able to satisfy every guy’s taste. 

The diversity off diamond jewelry brings beauty and festive shine to our everyday outfits, making this world a bit more interesting place to live in. Black diamonds are the elements here that are responsible for style, as black is the color that is always in trend. The black diamonds will take your jewelry to the whole new level and your looks to the point when even the ardent fashionista will envy your choice. If you’re looking for unique luxury jewelry, the rings, bracelets or the earrings with black diamonds are the items you certainly need to consider. The unusual mysterious aesthetic they provide will definitely make you feel special and draw interesting looks your way. It’s a magnificent feeling worth every cent spent on your stunning black diamond jewelry.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.