Unique Proposal Ideas to Blow Your Partner Away in 2023


Have you finally made that big decision? Congrats! Now, it only remains to pop the question. It’s normal to feel the pressure associated with this event since there’s a lifetime with your partner in front of you.

Unsurprisingly, you want to say the magical words in a unique, hard-to-forget manner. This can be hard, mainly since there are so many ideas on the Internet, but don’t worry. We got you covered.

Here’s a round-up of truly inspiring romantic proposal ideas:

Recreate Their Favorite Movie

You’ve surely seen hundreds of movies together, but try to remember the one that made them cry their heart out the most. It’s not necessarily for this to be a proposal scene, just for you to recreate it in such a manner that resembles those circumstances and feel. This might not be the newest proposal idea out there, but it’s undoubtedly a very creative one that’s impossible to leave you with a no.

Light It Up

As we’ve moved into 2023, you probably look for exclusive, one-of-a-kind proposal ideas and might consider lighting old-fashioned. Well, it is not. If you use it wisely, it could be the one thing that makes your proposal stand out. Use lighting as a focal point if you’ve opted for a nighttime proposal and surprise your partner with marquee letters of the like Would you marry me? or custom neon signage.

Or, if you want to take it all to the next level, consider lighting installations in the form of drones spelling your romantic message in the night sky.

Collaborative Ring Design Experience

The time when partners drop hints about their favored ring styles may have passed, according to experts. And we can only approve of this, as the engagement ring has to be something that lasts forever. It’s not that you don’t know which ring design or style your partner prefers (although this could be a reason), but the uncertainty that this piece of jewelry is reflective of their ring size.

Just imagine how it would be to purchase one of those stunning oval shaped engagement rings and find out it doesn’t suit your loved one’s finger. What a disaster! So, maybe you should scoff at this idea less and consider ring shopping together more.

Go For a Hike

If you both are adrenaline junkies, ensure you take advantage of this to propose to your partner in an unforgettable manner. But for a successful proposal, ensure you schedule everything in advance and choose the moment when you ask for their hand carefully. The ideal time is when you reach the top, but if there’s another breathtaking scenery on the way, you could make an exception. Some destinations for a striking hiking adventure are Norwegian Fjords, The West Highland Way, Laugavegurinn, and Haute Route in France and Switzerland.

Not lured by any of these aforementioned examples? Try this:

  • A hot air balloon ride
  • A photo album proposal
  • Make it trivia night
  • Cook a romantic dinner
  • The classic karaoke proposal

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.