The Best Perfumes from By Kilian


By Kilian is a luxury fragrance house founded by perfumer Kilian Hennessy in 2007. With its exquisite range of fragrances, By Kilian has gained a loyal following amongst perfume aficionados around the world. Here, we take a look at the top 10 perfumes from By Kilian that you need to try! If you like the sound of any of these perfumes then check out these Kilian perfume samples.

1. Love, Don’t be Shy

This romantic scent combines Turkish rose and fruity notes such as nectarine blossom, mandarin orange and jasmine to create an alluring aroma that’s perfect for special occasions. Love, Don’t Be Shy will turn heads wherever you go – so why not give it a spritz before your next romantic date?

Love, Don’t Be Shy

2. In The City Of Sin

Spicy eggplant and cardamom blend with patchouli and black tea in this intense oriental perfume. It’s ideal if you’re looking to make a statement when out and about or just want something exotic and unusual to keep people guessing!

3. Straight To Heaven White Cristal

This unisex fragrance combines notes of Haitian vetiver with white musk for a warm yet captivating experience that’s both comforting and luxurious at the same time. Perfect for romantic evenings shared with someone special!

4. Bamboo Harmony

Here we have an exciting blend of white musk, rich woods, vetiver, and green tea – making it great for when you need an invigorating yet calming scent . Inspired by Japanese gardens, Bamboo Harmony will transport you to another world with its soothing aromas!

5. My Kind Of Love

This unisex scent features top notes of bergamot zest combined with juniper berry essence for an ultra fresh smell that won’t easily be forgotten. Sweet-smelling amber mixed with cognac essence completes the picture for this playful but sophisticated scent – making it ideal for daytime wear!

6. Prelude To Love

Prelude To Love is a sweet yet seductive citrus scent that features zesty grapefruit alongside juicy tangerine and smooth sandalwood – creating an aroma which is guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go!

7. Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme

As the name suggests, this one will bring out your inner wild child! An intoxicating blend of Vanilla orchid extract takes centre stage here flanked by sparkling raspberry macaroon accords – making this delicious number perfect if you’re looking to really make a statement on your night out!

8. Kisses Don’t Lie

A modern classic featuring cucumber flower absolute intertwined with magnolia petals – Kisses Don’t Lie has been described as mysterious yet mercurial – blending florals with more unusual ingredients such as lemon verbena tea extract for an unforgettable result!

9. Back To Black Aphrodisiac

Finally, here we have what could be considered as one of By Kilain’s most iconic plates – Back To Black Aphrodisiac! This sultry scent includes flavoursome top notes such as plums paired alongside stirring base scents including Tonka bean absolute – creating something truly special that lingers on the skin long after it has been applied!

So there you have it – our rundown of the top 10 must-have perfumes from By Kilian – all sure to add something special to your wardrobe while lasting long after they’ve been applied too!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.