Want to Rock in Avant-Garde Fashion? Here Are Several Ideas to Try for Men


As a man, looking great and wearing classic pieces defines you and can help make a style statement. The great news is that there are numerous styles, from official wear to trendy streetwear, you can choose depending on the look you want to achieve and the style. If you want a way to look outstanding and still fashionable, why not go for avant-garde clothing? It is high quality, creative and aesthetic, and there are many clothing styles to choose from. Furthermore, you can always get your order from an online shop, making it easy to acquire unique pieces. The following are fashion ideas to help you.

  • Get the Right Fit

When it comes to avant-garde clothing, the fit is essential if you want to rock. If you choose too small or too large pieces, you may look unfashionable. So, it is crucial to go for the right fit. You can get your best fit from the fashion online shop RAWlooks. Compare different sizes and pull that striking look with your best-fitting outfit.

  • Play with Volume

Nothing makes avant-garde clothes unique and outstanding than the volume of the materials. Today, modern avant-garde fashion designers are focusing more on the volume of their clothes. Therefore, when choosing this fashion, concentrate on varying volumes to give the vibe and attention you need. Make the outfit look full by going for different shapes, bold asymmetry, etc.

  • Find Quality Pieces

One thing about avant-garde garments is that they are made from high-quality materials. Don’t be tempted to go for low-quality and cheap clothes since they may not be genuine. You can only get the right and high-quality outfits from reputable stores. So, buy a garment that suits your style and needs without sacrificing quality. If you want to be great in fashion, always know how to balance money with style.

  • Layer Appropriately

Another way of pulling a striking look with avant-garde fashion is layering appropriately. Layering is a crucial style for men since it defines your sense of fashion and creativity. So, find the best combinations, including color, and rock your look. For example, you can go for garments with the same color, hue, and texture.

  • Pick the Colors

You can go for several colors if you are a color person. However, you need to be picky if you want your fashion to stand out. Try mix and match but keep them at a minimum. When mixing colors, it is advisable to go slow on the jewelry. Play with colors but keep jewelry simple. You can also go for block colors if that is what you like.

man changing his wardrobe
  • Choose the Right Texture

The texture you choose for the outfit will help elevate the look. So, when layering your pieces, select the right texture for each layer. How you choose the textures can make the whole difference in your outfit.


If you are an experimental gentleman, avant-garde fashion is the best way to make your style statement. This fashion is unique, and there is no better way of looking stylish and fashion-conscious than going for avant-garde clothing.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.