How To Play Casino Games as a Highroller


High rollers, also known as whales or money players, usually have the deepest wallets. They also know what types of games to play and how to play them. to be known as a high roller, you’ve to be a big spender. However, spending isn’t the only determining your high roller status.

Most players dream of becoming high roller gamblers because many offers are given to these players in casinos. Below we will give you some information to help you understand what a high roller is and how you can play and become one.

High Rollers Software Providers

High-roller games are provided by some of the best software providers worldwide. You will likely find high-roller games provided by companies such as Play N’ Go, Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, EGT, Redtiger Gaming and Betsoft. The best new highroller casino has also enrolled these providers to give you some of the best games.

Fortunately, being a high roller isn’t determined only by the types of games you play. Many factors are used to determine your high roller status. Casinos will look at the amount you deposit and place as your maximum bet; typically, high rollers exceed the amount other players make.

How Much Do They Bet?

At a table game, a high roller will play a bet of at least $100 per hand. Slot high rollers usually bet  $25 minimum per spin. You don’t become a high roller by just making a single high bet but by consistently doing so to be recognized by the casino.

High rollers have different treatment from casinos. If you place a $1000 bet per hand on blackjack, you’ll be treated differently than someone who’s placed a $100 bet. A whale can expect a luxury car to pick them up from the airport or a private jet. They can also be given special rooms in a hotel.

In an online casino, they can be given exclusive access to new games and VIP player status, with fantastic bonuses and unique access to incredible perks such as loyalty points and exclusive prizes.

Best Games To Play As A Highroller

The casino industry’s three most popular table games are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. You will find variations of these games, especially in online casinos. These games will have you set to become a whale.

Most high-roller players are found in table games, although some online casinos have now developed some exclusive slots for them. You’ll find high-roller slot rooms where bets are usually nothing less than $25.


Becoming A Whale

Becoming a high roller involves catching the casino’s attention, and we have put together a few ways you can play at a casino as a high roller.

Make Big Deposits

Some casinos pay more attention to the size of your deposit than your bet’s size. Making a significant deposit with such casinos means you’re a player who doesn’t mind losing. A deposit of $100,000 or more will get you this preferential treatment.

Big deposit players also have access to the casino’s credit facilities. These credit facilities don’t come easy just because you’re a big spender. Casinos run background checks before they issue any of them out as they need to minimize the risk of not getting their money back in the case of a loss.

Bet Big

This is quite obvious for you as a player if you capture the casino’s attention. You have to make large bets, and the amount you bet will differ with the casino you’re playing at. Bigger casinos commonly wouldn’t call you a high roller for betting $100 per hand, but with a small casino, that could get you to high roller status in no time.

Go For Smaller Casinos

As we’ve already mentioned, at smaller casinos, a bigger bet is likely to be valued more. Please bear in mind that we aren’t saying that bigger casinos won’t recognize your bet and give you the necessary treatment.

Look For The High Roller Slots

The casino determines the amount you bet to become a high roller. Slot players are usually the biggest bettors in an online casino. High rollers, in this case, will be rewarded with the best cashback rate,  a dedicated online host,  big deposit bonuses or even a vacation package.

Bet Big And Then Small

Bet big in the beginning and at the end. Players will place a big bet at the beginning of the session, putting them on the higher wagers levels even though they will place lower bets afterwards. Placing a higher bet at the beginning gives you more credit, as the supervisor will rate you high. Also, placing a big bet at the end of the session is highly recommended. This technique doesn’t usually work for online gambling.

To play with the big fish, you must be willing to lose more. Employ the techniques we’ve given you, and you’re set to become a whale. 

Written by Megan Taylor
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