5 Of The Best Self-Care Tips for Stress-Free Holidays


With the holidays fast approaching, people are gradually scrambling to file work leaves, write their shopping lists, and respond to party invitations. Celebrating the season of gift-giving is fun but hectic. And for others, it can be the most stressful time of their year.  

Beyond the constraints of time, people experience holiday stress due to several reasons. Some anticipate conflict and arguments during family reunions. Others can’t spend time with their spouse, friends, or family because of work and travel restrictions. 

According to a study by the American Psychiatric Association, Americans were five times more likely to say that their stress levels increased during the holidays. Learn how you or a loved one can cope with the holiday stressors through these five care tips. 

Care Tip #1 Eat Healthy, Guilt-free

The combination of holiday stress and unhealthy eating can create an unending cycle for unsuspecting victims. Stress hormones can cause people to consume unhealthy or sugary food served as holiday treats. 

To break this cycle: 

  • Hold firm to your healthy eating regimen. 
  • Plan holiday meals that are nutritious and delicious. 
  • Limit your sweets and reward yourself with healthy snacks instead.      

Care Tip #2 Plan and Shop Early

When planning for a holiday event, set a clear budget. For holiday expenses, financial experts advise people to spend no more than 1% of their annual income. Use your creativity to cut spending; check out DIY gift tutorials online. You’ll be surprised to learn that many gift-giving materials are available at home. 

Find a lot of good deals before the holiday season arrives. Last-minute shopping is not only stressful; it can be challenging to find gifts or dresses that aren’t yet overpriced. It will help if you start looking and shopping as soon as shops open for dresses that fit your office party theme or new year’s eve soiree.     

Care Tip #3 Join or Host Few Parties

One of the biggest culprits of holiday stress is unrealistic expectations. Because last year’s party was a blast, your club members may want you to hold another party again. Or, as the youngest sibling, they expect you to say “yes” to baking 100 Christmas cookies for the family reunion. 

Commit yourself to the stress-free holiday that you deserve. Set boundaries and learn to say no. Instead of meeting unrealistic expectations, remind them that you can all create new traditions. Suggest new ways to celebrate without compromising your stress thresholds. 

Care Tip #4 Carve Time for Self-care

Maintain your regular sleep hours. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Opt for healthy drinks such as herbal tea and take breaks between errands. Be sure to reward yourself with your choice of holiday boost: greeting a friend overseas or sipping hot cocoa and looking over your window.  


Care Tip #5 Walk, Run, Exercise 

Add some physical activity to your holiday routine. When stuck or need to get some fresh air, walk or run. It doesn’t have to be a chock-full workout, but the benefits are fast. You’ll be better motivated to continue working or preparing for the festivities.

Exercise and other physical activities can help produce endorphins. A quick jog outside your house or at a nearby park can relieve fatigue.

Goodbye, Holiday Stress!

Choose healthy eating, exercising, and early shopping over excess consumption for a stress-free holiday. Show up at a few select parties so you can spend more time on self-care. Use the holidays to remember what genuinely matters: family, friends, and yourself.   

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.