5 Gifts for People Who Love to Read


There’s nothing like curling up to a good book. From captivating novels to eye-opening nonfiction, there are so many ways to enjoy an unforgettable story or learn something new. If you’re searching for a memorable gift for an avid reader, this list features plenty of unique products. Shop our favorite presents that make reading more fun. Choose a favorite or bundle more than one gift together. No matter what you decide to buy, you’re sure to impress anyone who loves books!

  1. Stylish Reading Glasses  

Do you know someone who likes reading and wears reading glasses? Buy them a new pair of stylish specs. It’s a practical gift that enhances their day and elevates their wardrobe. Today’s trend-forward reading glasses for men and women come in plenty of vibrant colors and standout frame shapes. Add to a family member’s eyewear collection or infuse a little color and personality into a friend’s closet. To give a pair of readers as a gift, find out what reading glasses strength you need. You may need to peek at their specs for the correct number. Once you know what power they wear, look for frame shapes and patterns to flatter them. Some popular styles include oversized readers and soft square frames. 

Add a chic look to their collection with cat-eye glasses or elevate their style with an angular silhouette. If they wear progressive lenses, you’ll find lightweight frames that are as functional as they are attractive. Those that don’t have a reading glasses prescription can wear a pair of blue light glasses. These specs help to reduce the effects of digital eye strain and will make any wardrobe look more put-together. 

An excellent style for adults and kids, you’ll find the same elevated looks in blue light eyewear as you do with readers and progressive glasses. Grab the eyewear that makes the perfect gift, and then complete the present with a gift tag and a protective case. A hard outer shell will help to protect the frames and lenses. It also makes for colorful, attractive packaging for a present. 

  1. Travel-Friendly Book Lights 

Every book lover has a favorite place to read, but they can’t always be there to enjoy it. You’ll make them feel more at home with a book light. Whether they’re passing the time or traveling, this portable tool makes it more convenient to read almost anywhere. They’ll illuminate pages while riding in a car or on an airplane. It also helps for reading while camping. 

Give them something that helps them read while they’re in bed. Enjoy a book by candlelight or under dim lighting. You have choices in the style you buy. Some book lights have clips that attach to the pages or the outside cover. This feature makes it easy to keep the light secure. Others have adjustable arms that direct the light to the right place. Another choice is a book light that acts like a bookmark. Slip it in between the pages and you’ll read easier. 

Discover these products in fun patterns and colors, including florals and checker patterns. You’ll find neutral colors and bright hues with personality. Some book lights even feature animals or inspirational messages. No matter what you choose, book lights make reading more comfortable at home or on the go. 

  1. Elevated Book Art 

Make a reading nook more impressive with book-themed art! Take some time to browse because there are plenty of choices in artwork. Brainstorm the style and colors you desire by considering the space where your loved one reads their books. Think about the colors and whether the art should be modern or traditional in style. 

Once you have a plan for your art piece, it’s time to get creative. One idea is to order a poster-sized print featuring the cover of your friend’s favorite book. DIY the frame, and you’ll give a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll love to hang in their home. Other choices in literature-themed art include quotes from classic novels and beautiful paintings of gorgeous-looking books or decorative bookshelves. Some book lovers would like their artwork to feature their favorite author or a memorable scene from a beloved novel. 

If they don’t need another painting, consider a small book sculpture or a mini statue of a book character. This décor makes for an excellent adornment in a home office. As a bonus, it’s a nice decoration for a bookshelf. Another idea is to buy a set of bookends. You can find ones to look like almost anything, from dogs to tree logs. Browse for a unique find and wrap it in festive paper with a colorful bow on top. 

  1. Cozy Throw Blanket  

A throw blanket is a welcome companion for a good book. A throw blanket makes reading more enjoyable, whether it’s chilly outside or just time to get cozy. First, decide on the blanket material for your gift. Fleece blankets are a favorite because they’re plush to the touch. Wash it in the laundry machine to use it over and over. 

Cotton blankets help you stay at a comfortable temperature while reading. Plus, they’re machine washable. For a traditional material, go with a wool blanket. Microfiber blankets are hypoallergenic and a smart choice for sensitive skin. Another option is a polyester throw that stays strong and durable. 

Now that you know what material you like for your gift, you can decide on a shade or pattern. Find a blanket with books or select a style in their favorite color. You’ll find plenty of throws with book quotes and scenes from nature. Choose from classic quilt patterns or blankets with plaid or houndstooth print. There’s something for every bedroom or book nook. Bonus that this gift is easy to fold into a box and wrap with festive paper! 

  1. Bookstore Gift Card  

If you’re running short on time and you have a reader in your life, pick up a gift card to their favorite bookstore. While it’s not the most creative gift for a book lover, it’s appreciated and valuable. With your help, they’ll buy the next book on their list or add a few new titles to their collection. Pick a denomination and a style of card. Decide whether you want to send it in the mail or digitally to their email or smartphone. 

A print card is the most thoughtful choice, so find a quality card to write a personalized message. Next, put the bookstore gift card inside. Write the amount on the back of the card before you put it in the envelope. That way, the recipient knows how much they can spend at the bookstore. 

Impress a Book Lover 

Now you know how simple and fun it is to find a thoughtful gift for the reader in your life! Whether they need a new pair of reading glasses or would love to get cozy with a blanket, you’re sure to find something quality and affordable. Get something unique for all the book lovers on your list or shower your loved one with book-themed gifts. With this list of must-haves, you’ll inspire any reader!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.