The Best Jackets You Must Own in Your Life


Jackets are having their moment. Moving way beyond an item of utilitarian practicality, the jacket is this season’s statement piece.

The great thing about a good quality jacket is they’re built to last and can endure many seasons before starting to look dated or tired. And with the cold weather well on its way, we take a look at the hottest must have jackets to add to your collection today.

The Puffer Jacket

An absolute essential, especially if you live somewhere that experiences low temperatures during the winter. The stylish puffer jacket has endured decades without ever dropping out of vogue but has somehow managed to command even more of the fashion spotlight this year.

Don’t hide away with muted tones, a modern take is the way to go. Opt for a contemporary puffer jacket design featuring exciting colorways and bold graphics to make your mark. You can choose various lengths to suit your style and height, with detachable hoods, weatherproof closures and warm insulating fabrics to ensure you’re winter ready.

The beauty of the puffer is its versatility, looking just as at home as part of a smart casual ensemble as it does a sportier tech style. Get the most out of your puffer’s bold look by combining it with an outfit that is otherwise predominantly monochromatic.

The Long Parka

The parka has its origins in the native peoples of North America. It is thought the Caribou Inuit of the Canadian Arctic were the first to wear it, originally being made from seal or caribou skin and coated in fish oil to create a waterproof treatment.

It was the US military that modernized the jacket, used by flight crews in the 1950s. Later, the Mods in Britain would adopt it as part of their wardrobe staple as they roamed around the streets of 1960s London, and it would also be well represented in the Britpop era of the 90s.

To nail the modern look, avoid the classic fishtail cut and faux fur lined hood and instead opt for the cleaner lines of a boxier straight length parka that ends just above the knee. A parka is a great pairing to tone down the formality of a suit but it feels just at home over smart activewear too.

The Leather Bomber

Often snapped on your favorite celebrity, everyone seems to be rocking a leather bomber right now: from Donald Glover to the Rock to John Legend. A tan bomber makes more of a statement but you’ll get the most versatility out of a classic black bomber.

Look for a detachable shearling collar for added warmth and a more varsity look. Leather bombers look best when worn with structured jeans or tailored trousers and smart thin knitwear on the top half – a cashmere rollneck is sure to attract some compliments.

Vegan leathers are available and have become much more authentic feeling and looking in recent years. Beyond the PU leather alternatives, clothing can now be made from fruit byproducts like pineapple leaves and orange skins.

The Half-zip Anorak

When the weather is really biting, mountaineers stick to the rule of three. A moisture wicking base layer, a thermal insulating mid layer to provide the warmth and a weather resistant outer layer to keep you dry and to keep the wind out.

The outer shell will often utilize hi-tech materials such as Gore-Tex. When you dress for the winter in this way each garment can excel at their own function and you gain the versatility of being able to mix and match to suit your needs – if the temperatures drop below zero you can choose a warmer mid layer for instance.

A half-zip anorak makes a great outer shell and with the minimal zip closure, can do an optimal job of keeping the elements out while also looking great.

A winter jacket, when well looked after, is one of the most worthwhile investments any fashion-forward shopper can buy. And with so many styles available, the perfect jacket is already out there somewhere waiting for you.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.