Surprising Sources of Inspiration


Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from the most unexpected places and often at the most unexpected times. Students may get inspired by their mentors, employees may get inspired by their seniors. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it is important to keep going.

It does not matter what your job is, you are bound to find inspiration in unexpected places. Even if you work in a field that does not seem very creative, you will still be able to find inspiration if you are looking for it. Here are 5 surprising sources of inspiration;

1. Lantern Candles

You may not have considered a lantern candle as a source of inspiration, but it can be. Lantern candles are used to light the way and guide us through the darkness. They provide light and hope in times of struggle. Lantern candles can help us find our way through many troubled times. Whether it’s a personal difficulty or a global crisis, we can use their light to calm ourselves and feel encouraged. We may even find that they give us the strength we need to overcome our challenges and succeed in our endeavors.

2. Nature

“Nature is the mother of all artists”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. And he was right — how many great paintings, poems, and songs have been inspired by nature? The beauty of a flower, a butterfly, or a sunset can inspire anyone who has an eye for beauty; it’s just a matter of being open to it and looking for those moments when they happen.


3. Music and art

Music inspires us in so many ways — it can lift our spirits when we are down, give us courage when we are afraid, calm us down when we are stressed out, make us happy when we are sad, and the list goes on and on! It’s amazing what music can do for us emotionally, but did you know that it can also inspire our creativity? And you don’t need to take any courses to learn about music and art. Just enjoy and you’ll get inspiration. Take a look at any famous piece of art, and you will see that music was often involved in its creation. 

4. The media

The media is a great place to find inspiration for your next post or article. Watch news programs and read the newspaper. They often have interesting stories that you can use as the basis for your content creation efforts.

5. Animals

We all know that dogs can be man’s best friend, but did you know that cats and horses can inspire creativity as well? It is true! A study conducted at Stanford University found that when people were shown pictures of cats or horses before performing tasks requiring creativity, they performed better than those who were not shown any pictures beforehand.


You will likely find yourself inspired by many different kinds of things, and for a great number of reasons. It can be interesting to note the different sources you find inspiring, and why those different sources inspire you in the first place. Recording these inspirations can open up a whole new way of thinking about and analyzing your ideas and your motivations, as well as remind you that you are not alone in feeling these things.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.