Why You Should Move to the UK as a Fashionista


Whether you have a craze for trending styles and culture or continuously imagine something new for an appearance and produce stunning apparel, moving to the UK may be the very thing you need to take your passion to the next level.

But why the UK, you may ask? The UK and fashion are five and six. You may be probably putting on one of their designer brands this moment for all we know. Doubtlessly, someone with your interest would find a haven there.

There are many more reasons to move to the UK as a fashionista. You’ll discover them as you keep reading this post.

Standard Fashion Schools

Fashion is a serious business in the UK. Hence, it has some of the best fashion schools in the world. For the love of fashion, there are 117 universities alone where even a rookie can learn fashion from the scratch.

Although these schools may be a bit expensive, you’ll get value for your money in the end. Apart from having the chance to be under the tutelage of renowned and excellent fashion tutors, studying fashion in the region will make you stand out among peers from other countries. Of course, we know you know what this means.

Besides, you’ll get an opportunity to work in iconic fashion stores in the world. So, why not make the move now?

You can dress as you like

There’s more to dressing than putting on a Jean and a top. In fact, you feel confident and happy when you wear your favorite clothes. Since the fashion style here is the western one, what do expect?

The UK is a perfect place to showcase your fashion sense. From streetwear, girly style, and goth fashion to rocker chic style, you can freely dress as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Also, some of the fashion events in the world are celebrated here. For instance, London Fashion Week comes twice a year. So, if you’re looking for a perfect spot to rock your duds and take your admirer off their feet, the UK is a place for you.

A Good Place to Work

Whether you love to promote fashion or follow your passion and make money in the process, there are plenty of job opportunities for everyone in the UK.

As a fashionista, you can work as a stylist— helping clients to achieve their desired look, or as a fashion designer—creating new and unique apparel for others.

If you’re an experienced fashion designer, you’ll make a good living from it in the UK. On average, a fashion designer earns an hourly wage of £13.21or an annual salary of £29,612.

A Perfect Place for Business

As a fashionista, your dream will definitely be starting a fashion business and possibly having a brand name. You can easily do this in the UK without any hitch. The UK ranked high in the list of countries with ease of doing business. This is due to several factors, which include:

  • Friendly tax system: The UK’s tax system is pretty friendly. With the 20% corporate tax rate and other tax incentives such as venture capital trust and social investment tax relief, you can conveniently run your business with no hassles.
  • Incentive: You’ll have access to several incentives such as loans, and grant when you start your fashion business in the UK. And there are lots of investors that can help your business.

Meanwhile, other benefits include—an abundance of skilled employees, lower labor costs, and strong infrastructure.

Advanced Healthcare system

Everybody including fashionistas deserves quality and affordable healthcare. Healthcare in the UK is one of the best in the world. Thanks to the National Health Service (NHS), healthcare in the UK is free and affordable for you whether you arrived in the UK with a family visa or a UK skilled worker visa.

With the top healthcare carriers in the UK like—BUPA, AVIVA, and AXA plus advanced technology and competent health workers, you need no worries about your health.

Amazing Cuisines

One place where you’re sure to do what you love and at the same time enjoy great food is the UK. The traditional dishes here will make you doubt whatever you’ve eaten in the past. From traditional English dishes like—fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, to Indian curry, you can’t resist their tasty and comforting sauce.

The Weather is Great

The UK has some of the best weather in the world. The summers are warm and sunny, and the winters are cool and crisp. The spring and autumn are also lovely, with mild temperatures and plenty of beautiful foliage.

And of course, you can’t forget about the rain. Contrary to popular belief, the UK doesn’t actually have that much rain. In fact, the average rainfall in the UK is less than that of many other countries, including the US.

So, if you’re a fashionista and you have a great feel for the four seasons, the UK is the perfect place for you.

Final Notes

As a fashionista, you will really love it in the UK.  However, ensure you consult an expert for UK immigration advice before moving to this country to avoid issues before and during your stay in the country. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.