4 Different Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids


In addition to choosing dresses, accessories, and shoes for your bridesmaids, you will also need to determine their makeup looks for your big day. With so many things to do ahead of your wedding we have simplified makeup for bridesmaids. Here are four of our favorite looks with suggestions to make sure your girls look amazing for your wedding day.

Bronze and Glowing

The bronzed tan look with glowing dewy skin has been an all-around popular makeup look for the past few years. This is the type of look that makes you feel like you just stepped off the beach with the best tan ever. We like this look for beach weddings, of course, but we also like to see bridesmaids in this look if the ceremony falls during golden hour. If your wedding is outdoors at sunset, your bridal party will look stunning as the last hours of sunlight catch the highlights on their bronzed and glowing faces. This makeup also looks great if you have a jewel tone color pallet.

To achieve this look, the eye shadow should be subtle. Each girl should have a shimmery tan shade that is a shade or two lighter than their natural skin tone over their lids, accompanied by a highlight shade to be used under the brow and on the inner corner. Keep eyeliner soft by using a dark brown shadow smudged into the lash line and follow with mascara and DIY lash extensions to emphasize the eyes.

Instead of harsh contouring, use a bronzer with a golden sheen all over the face. This will help achieve the golden glow that is key to this look. Don’t be afraid to take the bronzer down the neck and onto the chest if your dresses allow for it. Use a light pink blush and a shimmery tan gloss to finish the look.

Natural and Soft

You can’t go wrong with a soft and natural makeup look for your bridesmaids. This look is best for daytime weddings, especially if they are outdoors. Keep in mind that a nighttime glam look is going to appear harsh if you have your ceremony outside during the day. Additionally, spring and summer weddings would benefit from a more natural look as your bridesmaids won’t have to worry about heavy eye makeup melting off in the heat. We also like this look if you have a pastel color pallet.

To achieve this look, each bridesmaid will have a different procedure depending on their skin tone and coloring. What looks natural on someone with dark olive skin and dark hair will differ from someone with light, pink-toned skin and red hair. A natural and soft look will avoid harsh lines such as with eyeliner or contouring and focus on highlighting each girl’s natural beauty. Subtle and neutral shades of eyeshadow, bronzer and blush should be employed here. Have each girl use a lipstick that is a few shades darker than their natural lip color to complete the look.

Sultry and Smokey

This look is best for evening weddings or weddings that are in the fall and winter months. It is a bit heavier than the other looks but if you are wanting something more dramatic, a smoky and sultry look is perfect for your girls. This look also works really well if you have a darker color pallet. Think deep wine reds, emerald greens or dark violets.

This look is all about the eyes. You’ll want bold silvery gray shadows with no subtlety in their application. Really focus on shaping the eyes with the shadows by using darker shades in the outer corner and crease. Feel free to do bold liquid liner or a wing for this look. You don’t want to over contour or highlight the face on this one as the focus should be mainly on the eyes. Definitely use the DIY lash extensions to bump up the lashes on this look. A subtle light pink blush and a nude glossy lip is the perfect way to finish it off.

Hollywood Glam

Classic and always stunning is the Hollywood glam look. If your wedding is an evening event or a black-tie affair, this is the look you’ll want to see your bridesmaids in. This is also a good look for evening weddings in the summer or spring as it is still glam but without the risk of dark shadows being sweated off. Additionally, if your bridesmaids are in gold or silver, this look will be especially stunning.

Your bridesmaids can get this look by using matte neutral eyeshadows. They will want a shade lighter than their skin on the lid and a darker matte brown to define the crease. Black winged eyeliner is a must for this as are DIY lash extensions. Contouring and highlighting are also key to getting this look. Use a bold red lip to really achieve Hollywood Glam.

Go with one of these four looks or pull a little inspiration from each! As long as you are happy with how your girls look on your big day, makeup is fair game!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.