5 Photo Printing Myths (Including 1 Which Isn’t Actually a Myth!)

These days everyone’s crazy about all things digital, but sometimes there’s no substitute for material things. Photos are one example where real, hold-them-in-your-hands prints still have a special significance for us – which is why the printing industry is still going strong.

If you haven’t got any of your photos printed for a while now and you’re wondering how it all works nowadays, this article is for you. What’s changed since the pre-digital era? Is photo printing super expensive now? And are phone pics suitable?

We caught up with custom printing experts CANVASDISCOUNT.com to hear about the most common photo printing myths in 2022 – they listed five, including one “myth” which is actually true! Check out what they have to say, and get ready to print your photos like a pro!

Myth #1. All Printed Photos Look the Same

Back in the day, if you had any printed photos at home, the chances are they were 4” x 6” prints on photo paper – perhaps framed, perhaps tucked into a photo album, but more likely just kept in one of those envelopes you get from the print shop. These days though, it’s easy to get your photos printed in a wide variety of formats. You can choose from quirky, artistic canvas prints, sleek and bold metal prints, dinky photo blocks made from sparkling acrylic glass…the list goes on. You’ll be surprised how many options you have if you want to turn your favourite images into gorgeous wall art or fun home accessories!

Myth #2. Smartphone Images Can’t Be Printed

Nothing could be further from the truth, say the CANVASDISCOUNT specialists. In fact most of the photos they print are taken with smartphones and non-professional cameras. Just take a look at the CANVASDISCOUNT Insta page and you’ll see how amazing ordinary people’s photos can look when they’re printed in state-of-the-art quality.

CANVASDISCOUNT point out that most smartphone cameras these days take high-resolution photos that can be printed in large formats without any loss of quality. But just to make double sure, the CANVASDISCOUNT.com system automatically measures the pixel count of any photos you upload, and only offers you the print sizes that will work best.


Myth #3. Preparing Photos for Printing is Too Difficult

Some of you will have been disappointed with physical copies of your digital photos in the past – a pic that looks perfect on your screen can sometimes appear too dark, or even blurry, when it’s reproduced in print. And when you compare an underwhelming photo to an amazing professional print, it’s easy to assume that the difference in quality is because the pros have expensive photo editing software – and they spend hours tweaking their image.

Well, for most professionals that’s not true – and in fact high-quality photo editing is cheaper and easier than it’s ever been. Even most smartphones these days have in-built photo editing options – so if you’ve got a swish phone it’s well worth trying some simple adjustments, because it can make a big difference to the final result.

Myth #4. Home Printers are Great for Photo Printing

This one is actually partly true – because if you invest in a top-end printer, it’s quite possible to print high-quality photos at home. But for most of us the money we’ll save on printing won’t outweigh the big outlay on the printer itself along with professional photo paper and inks. Also, if you print photos at home you’re basically limited to printing on paper, rather than the wide range of print formats you can choose from if you use professional services.


Myth #5. Quality Printing Can Be Cheap (Actually This is Not a Myth at All!)

You’ve got to spend serious money to get serious quality, right? Well, not always. It’s true that there are some products and services where you probably do need to splurge if you want the best. But in recent years the custom printing industry has found ways to cut prices without cutting corners.

As CANVASDISCOUNT explained to us, you can easily spend a lot of money on top-end photo prints, but there are discount providers working today who can deliver the same superb quality at more than affordable prices. So how do they keep their prices so low? Simply by streamlining their production processes and automating their manufacturing as far as possible, which means they can turn out custom prints almost as fast as their competitors make mass-produced ones. This way companies like CANVASDISCOUNT can rely on economies of scale to build a healthy business, despite making only modest profits on each print.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.