CBD Products for Chronic Pain | An Ultimate Guide

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Chronic pain is one that doesn’t stop after several months. It’s often a result of underlying injuries or medical conditions. Anything from having a traumatic injury to keeping a poor posture for years could lead to chronic pain.

The level of experienced pain often goes beyond acceptable, but is there an effective way to experience relief? CBD products are among those popular for relieving pain, and here’s a guide on how to choose and use them!

CBD Can Provide Pain Relief Regardless of the Cause

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a primary ingredient in many products made from cannabis plants. This cannabinoid interacts with the organism’s ECS – endocannabinoid system. That system has receptors that interact with CBD. It’s how cannabidiol affects various biological processes, and that’s how it helps manage pain.

It doesn’t matter if your chronic pain is because of arthritis, trauma, or another medical condition. Cannabidiol can help provide relief. Apart from affecting pain perception, CBD could offer stress relief and improve your mood.

Which CBD Form Is Best for Pain Management?

Cannabis products are becoming more popular, and manufacturers aim to offer more options to users. Today, you can pick from several methods of ingesting or using CBD. Let’s see how different effective forms are for pain management!

Capsules and Pills

Many consider this to be the simplest way of consuming CBD. All it takes is to swallow a pill, which is something you’ve surely done with other medications and supplements. If you read the JustCBD capsules review, you’ll find there are potent options with 25mg of CBD per pill.

CBD capsules are quite powerful, and they often include a carrier oil for better effectiveness. The manufacturers add CBD in liquid shape, but also other ingredients like gelatin. These might render the capsules not friendly for vegans, so check the label first.

Pills and capsules take about an hour or more to act and deliver pain relief. It’s how long the organism needs to break down the ingredients. Although waiting for over an hour to experience pain relief is long, the good news is the effects should last for up to six hours.

Gummies and Edibles

CBD gummies are another simple method of consuming cannabidiol. A huge advantage is you can take them anywhere with you. Apart from fitting in a small pocket in your jacket or purse, these gummies are convenient since they look like any other desserts. It means nobody will know your gummies contain CBD, and the only thing to be careful about is you don’t offer them to anyone.

As for other edibles, you’ll find these in different products. From potato chips to baked goods, biscuits, and candies, you have a huge selection of cannabis edibles available. You also have an alternative to infuse the desired edible (or beverage) with CBD oil.

The body takes time to break down the ingredients, so it could take 30-60 minutes to experience pain relief with CBD edibles. The effectiveness depends on the dose, but it could last for hours. However, if you are baking the edible, be careful not to overbake it. That could affect the CBD’s effectiveness.

Creams and Lotions

The huge difference is you don’t ingest CBD creams and lotions but apply them to the desired area. This is great for localized pain problems, regardless of the cause. You rub cream on the place where you experience pain.

Topicals have the crucial advantage of delivering pain relief in seconds. The effects are almost immediate, but they don’t last as long as other methods. Apart from pain relief, most CBD topicals contain other ingredients that have moisturizing and other beneficial properties for the skin.

Tinctures, Oils, and Vaping

You use CBD tinctures sublingually, meaning you put the drops under the tongue. The effects are fast, especially if you use a potent product. That means you could experience pain relief almost immediately.

Similar is true for CBD vapes, but this is only for those who enjoy vaping. Smokers or former smokers find this method attractive, although it’s not much healthier. Apart from adding CBD oil to vapes, you can also insert it in edibles.

Other Considerations When Choosing CBD Product for Pain Management

Apart from the product type, here’s how to choose the best CBD item for pain management:

  • CBD type. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD and all other products from the cannabis plant, indicating it could contain the psychoactive component THC. Broad-spectrum CBS eliminates THC, so there’s no danger of getting you high. CBD isolates and diamonds are the purest form and don’t contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes apart from cannabidiol.
  • Strength. Apart from purity, consider the quantity of CBD per bottle and serving. The more CBD you get per serving, the stronger effect to expect.
  • Lab confirmation. Reputable manufacturers always publish third-party lab results that confirm the promised CBD quantity.

It’ll take trial and error to find the optimal CBD product for chronic pain relief. However, once you identify the right dose, cannabidiol can become your go-to remedy whenever you experience pain.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.