Trendy bridal outfit ideas for the bride and their bridesmaids


Is your wedding taking place next year, or are you simply dreaming about your future wedding outfit? Let the reason be anything; it is the perfect time to get your wishlist ready as we have curated the best of uber-chic inspired bridal outfit ideas for bride and bridesmaids ranging from fun party dresses and dramatic ball gowns to lush floral prints. 

So, read about the hottest trendy bride and bridesmaid outfit ideas and ways to pull them off. 

9 hottest trendy outfit ideas for bride and her bridesmaids

Short party dresses

Though short on hemline but big on personality. This short dress is the hottest wedding outfit trend for every wedding-related event. You can even pair it with a fancy bridal robe to take your look to the next level. 

So, whether you are planning for a casual ceremony or simply want to show off your killer pair of shoes, short party dresses are the perfect pick for you. 

Straight necklines

Undoubtedly, sleeves were the talk of the town for several years. But, today, the strapless silhouette with some nineties-inspired flavor is back once again to rule the ceremony. It indeed is a true throwback to the nineties time. In short, it is a blast from the past. 

The sharply angled bodice very well decorates the neck and shoulders. It even goes effortlessly with pretty much any wedding style, including:

  • sexy form-fitting crepe
  • classic heavy satin
  • romantic glitter tulle

Ball gowns 

Have you always dreamt of a voluminous silhouette on your wedding day? Then maximalist ball gowns are the right pick for you. While slip dresses were the center of attraction last season, 2023 will be all about ball gowns. So, go opulent and over the top by whirling around in a ball gown. 

Asymmetrical necklines 

While bridal outfit designers always come up with new and astonishing styles every year, asymmetrical necklines have to be a part of their game for the next wedding season. So, if you have always wanted to wear a ball gown, maybe it is time to give up this dream for asymmetrical necklines. 

Not convinced yet! Some of the reasons to pick this trendy bridal outfit are:

  • Gives gorgeous goddess vibes.
  • Flatters the upper body.
  • Adds a modern slant to a gown.

Mock necks 

What comes to your mind when imagining high necklines? Yes, queen! High necklines look regal and timeless and can give any ordinary silhouette wedding dress a more modest and timeless vibe. 

So, consider a ball gown with a mock neck that looks stunning. For a more aesthetic vibe, consider a ruffled dress with an equally frilly high collar for that trendy bridal outfit. 

Colorful florals

Spring and flowers go hand in hand. So undoubtedly, gowns with bold blossoms will be the center of attraction in the coming wedding season. 

Wedding dresses with floral motifs are undeniably a classic pairing. But colorful prints and splashy embroidery have made their way to give this trend a refreshing and astonishing vibe. 

However, try to keep your accessories minimal and let the wedding dress do all the talking for you to pull off this style. 

High slits 

Are you searching for the perfect wedding dress to show off your sexy legs? Then, high slits are a game-changer for you. You can experiment with high slits as per your preference and liking. Whether you want to go with a curve-skimming silhouette or want to opt for a formal ball gown, an unexpected thigh-high slit is a VA VA VOOM. 

Open backs 

The coming wedding season will bring back the “sexy” in brides and their bridesmaids. That said, open-backs are the hottest wedding outfit trend. This outfit is all about showing as much as possible from the back. 

However, the best part about this trendy outfit is that it makes your exit equally dramatic as your entrance. 

Bridal suits

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t find a princess gown to be her thing? Yes! No worries, the perfectly sleek, super comfortable, and figure-flattering bridal suiting set is the perfect pick for you. So, put on these tailor-made bridal suiting to give the ever-classic weddings an edgy vibe. 


Today brides and their bridesmaids are overcoming the classic wedding dress tales for more chic, sexy, and refreshing outfit inspirations. So, whether you want a dramatic ball gown, floral prints, a high slit, an open back, or a bridal suit, we have curated the hottest trending wedding outfit ideas for the bride and her bridesmaids to steal the show. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.