Kid-Friendly Pool Floats To Get Your Little Ones This Summer


There is nothing better than making incredible memories while having fun on summer days in the pool with your children and other family members. And to add even more fun, entertainment, and excitement to your kids’ lives this summer, along with yours, you can select from an assortment of fun and different pool floats that you and your children will be sure to enjoy after you purchase them for your home. There are so many unique and incredible options that can help your family beat the heat while you enjoy your time relaxing by the water this summer. These various pool floats will add even more fun, excitement, and style to your and your kids’ lives this summer.

Inflatable Pool

You can purchase inflatable pools in either children’s or adult sizes. They come in many unique and extraordinary styles, shapes, sizes, and designs that can fit anyone’s aesthetic and needs.

FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Golf Cart Pool Float

When it comes to pool floats, this limited-edition retro malibu golf cart by FUNBOY will make any of your little ones squeal with joy and excitement. It is a classic nod to Southern California’s sun, relaxing, chill vibes, and nonstop adventure and fun. The pool float constitutes an oversized design that is large enough for two adults. It also has a removable fringe-lined mesh shade, dual cup holders, three handles, and a tether point. It is one of the most fantastic, eye-catching, and stylish pool floats available for you to find.

FUNBOY x Aviator Nation Yacht 

The collaboration between FUNBOY and Aviator Nation is beyond excellent. It will help bring some of the California beach culture vibes and styles straight into the pool in your home. The pool floats have a limited edition pearlized material, with its signature Aviator Nation artwork in metallic print for a show-stopping, shimmering, glistening effect. It also has a reinforced cooler and dual cup holders. It is incredibly comfortable, serving as a daybed that can fit a max of two people at over nine feet in length. This float is incredible because it comes in a two-pack, providing double the fun without the additional cost for both pool floats as you save money with this exciting deal.

Disco Dome 

The disco dome is an ideal option to buy for pool floats if your kid is always hanging out with friends during the summer in your pool or if you are constantly hosting at your pool during the summer months. When you get on the disco board, you can immediately change your entire experience as you hang out in the water. When you enter the disco dome pool float, you escape the outside world and board into the topical-themed, party-like fun atmosphere that is the disco dome, making it the perfect choice for those that are looking to have a good time with others in the pool on the pool floats. It can fit four people, comes with four cup holders, and has a foot bath, sun-shade, oversized central mesh, perimeter grab rope, tether rope, and a central inflatable disco ball attach point. It is the perfect way to bring the party to the pool in your home this summer.

Golf Cart Float

Is your kid a fan of sports? Do they love golf in particular? Then this is the absolute perfect gift to give them this summer. Even if your child is not a huge golf fan, they will most definitely still appreciate the fun, huge, inflatable pool lounger as it is incredible for sitting out and relaxing while you get your sun in at the pool or beach this summer.

Beach Towels

Regarding beach towels, we have covered you with style, fashion, and the best quality. These beach towels are excellent for you and your little ones. After spending time having fun in the water on pool floats, whether on the beach or in the pool, there is nothing like drying off with a high-quality towel. Here, we explore some of the incredible options available:

70’s Wave Beach Towel

This towel features a uniquely groovy design on it with a 70s theme. It is oversized, very soft, and made of absorbent fabric.

FUNBOY x Cult Gaia Luxury Fringe Beach Towel

This luxury fringe beach towel displays Cult Gaia’s full-size logo and graphic summer original artwork on the side. It is a plush, entirely cotton fabric with an additional fringe on both ends, creating an exciting element to an essential summer accessory. 

FUNBOY X Barbie Dream Oversized Beach Towel

This dream of a towel is made entirely of cotton, featuring original, iconic, and retro artwork and fringe. The swirly, aesthetically-pleasing print of the towel connects with Barbie with its pink and orange colorings, so your little one is sure to love it.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.