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Private, Online Korean Tutors Can Help You Achieve Fluency 

Private, online Korean tutors facilitate ease of access to top quality education. Modern Korean shares influences from Chinese, Japanese, and the Altaic language group: including Turkic, Mongolian and Tungus. Korean draws from characters in Chinese and is grammatically highly similar to Japanese! This means that if you already know Japanese or a Chinese language, learning Korean will be that much easier! Over 75 million people speak Korean today and while the majority of those are split between North and South Korea, 24 and 48 million respectively, there’s never been a better time to learn the language. 

Why Korean is One of the Worlds Fastest Growing Languages 

While the majority of Korean speakers are based in Korea itself, Korean is one of the fastest growing languages, and hugely popular among students abroad. The United States is currently home to a little over a million native or bilingual Korean speakers. Statitia reported that between 2006 to 2016, college students in the United States recorded a 95% increase in those learning the language. This dwarfed the competition, with the second biggest increase reportedly Arabic, standing at a 26% increase. Previously prolific languages Italian, French, German, and Spanish respectively reported a loss during that period. 

While Korea doesn’t have the geographical influence of Chinese, Spanish, French or English, Korea’s international reach is built on the back of their cultural success. Korea represents one of the world’s largest exporters of culture. Who hasn’t heard of K-Pop? The band Black-Pink has been dubbed by Bloomberg as the largest girls group in history, topping charts internationally. Fellow K-Pop bands BTS and EXO have found similar success abroad. Korean film is one of the world’s most established and exported film industries, alongside American Hollywood. Recently, this has been highlighted by the mainstream successes of the move Parasite, and the popular TV series Squid Game, which have both drawn international interest and acclaim. 

What do you need to Learn Korean?

Korean is one of the most difficult languages to pick up as a second language, particularly as an adult fluent in English, with no experience with Asian languages. The US State Department labels it as a tier 4 difficulty, the maximum possible. It’s a label applied only to Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Arabic. Korean is especially difficult for an English speaker as it features a completely separate alphabet, Hangul, with the addition of Chinese characters; these characters can signify entire words in English, and are used on top of the unique 24 Korean characters in Hangul. This means memorizing the Korean language’s written basis isn’t a finite task that ends with an alphabet, but rather one you’ll need to continually work on and grow throughout your journey. It means a steep learning curve, as you’ll need to memorize a large amount of characters before you can begin to figure things out by context.

Korean presents structural and grammatical challenges for a non-native speaker that can be particularly confounding to European language speakers. Korean verbs often place the conjugation before the word, particles over prepositions, and additionally features a high number of irregular pronunciations. Korean also uses “honorifics” and a varying degree of formality depending on who you’re addressing. Colloquialisms are prevalent as well, like in English, and can make small talk difficult to decipher.

How Online Tutors can Help You Learn Korean

Korean may seem a daunting task to take on alone, but Eurekly’s online tutors are here to provide the perfect solution you need. While many students might have been priced out of in-person tutoring sessions, or wasted their time on ineffective apps, online tutoring has changed the game. Tutors are available for everyone, no matter the cost, time restrictions, or your current level of ability. 

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Finding an online, private tutor allows you to custom fit your education according to your needs. You can quickly select a tutor with whom you share a native language, or you can select a tutor that picked up Korean as a non-native speaker, and is familiar with that process. Eurekly provides students with a huge selection of tutors, with prices as low as $10 per session. 

Adding a second language to your skill set presents you with the ability to travel to new cultures, connect better with people at home, and strengthen your professional life. Becoming bilingual (or multi-lingual!) is a great advantage in the workplace, and will let you put your best foot forward. Plus, you’ll be able to travel and experience Korea’s vibrant culture first hand, without the need for translation. Online tutors via Eurekly offer professional grade tutelage that’s affordable and flexible for you! While in-person tutors will vary widely in price and experience, professionally vets anyone hosted on their site to guarantee that you’re getting the best of the best! Some tutors even offer a trial period. Visit to start your free trial today.      

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