Slingo: The Newest Game on the Block


Slingo is a relatively new game to the online gaming world, and yet it has taken it by storm. It’s featured on many online bingo sites, as well as casinos, around the world. It’s an amalgamation of two popular games, bingo, and slots, which are also played both online and land-based. Read on to find out how Slingo was created.

How was Slingo Created?

In 1994, a semi-retired realtor in New Jersey, Sal Falciglia Sr, had an idea for a new game. It incorporated parts from bingo and other parts from the slots, which, when put together made Slingo. He made the original game, which now has different versions that be played at online casinos and gaming sites, like Buzz Bingo, any time and anywhere a player is available. With a variety of themes and styles to choose from, there’s a version of Slingo for everyone.

Falciglia enjoyed playing both of them, so putting them together made sense to him. In fact, he believed in this so much that he founded Slingo, Inc, which designed and sold games based on his idea.

The first Slingo machine Falciglia developed came into fruition when he adapted a 1950s five-reel slot. He adapted it, redesigning the reels to suit the game of Slingo he had originally developed. Interestingly, the design today hasn’t greatly changed from Falciglia’s original concept.

Once this was done, he kept testing the machine, recording the results and anything else he found interesting about the game as it was played. However, bearing in mind this was originally a big machine, Falciglia found it difficult to move about because it was heavy and cumbersome. One way to solve it was to get a game developer who could create a digital version of the game. 

When this was done, he showed it to AOL who had just happened to have launched a gaming site that was garnering a lot of interest. AOL liked what they saw in Slingo and the game was launched soon after contracts were signed.

Perhaps unsurprising to Falciglia, Slingo was an overnight success and stayed number one on AOLs gaming charts for several years. It eventually progressed from a bonus game to the game we know it today. 

Where’s Slingo Now?

With the boom in online gaming, gaming sites, and online casinos, Slingo has continued to thrive, along with its parent games, bingo, and slots. Although like many games, there are different versions of Slingo, the main rules haven’t changed and its popularity has remained.

Slingo can be played on different devices, such as a tablet, laptop, personal computer, or smartphone. Each provides players with different benefits, such as the ability to move around when using a smartphone, and enjoying a more immersive experience when on a personal computer, for instance.

Bingo and the slots are two games that have been around for a considerable time. They’ve been playing around the world and have been a popular choice for many generations. Even when the games moved online, they didn’t lose their appeal. 

It took a person who loved playing both to put them together and make Slingo. It’s a game, just like its parent games, that has enjoyed considerable success online. As variations develop, along with different themes and prizes, they will only add to its appeal.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.