Grab Your Slippers: Here Are 10 Family Activities for a Cozy Night Indoors

Sometimes, the best way to have fun with your family is to spend a night inside together. Going on adventures outdoors and spending time together at events are all great, but there’s something special about those cozy nights indoors. Your little ones can grab their slippers for kids, you and your partner can grab your favorite cozy boots, and together you can all enjoy a little bit of relaxing family time. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t think up some fun activities to do. Here are ten ideas for fun, memorable, and relaxing activities your family can enjoy while wearing their favorite fluffy slippers.

Get Together for a Movie Night

Movie night is a classic idea. What better way to enjoy some family time than with a new movie, plenty of blankets, and lots of popcorn? There are lots of fun ways to make these relaxing plans more entertaining. You can have everyone choose a movie and pull popsicle sticks to see who wins. Make it more like a theater experience by serving candy from the kitchen counter and printing out tickets for your kids. Don’t forget to make sure everyone has comfy footwear, like your favorite casual vegan boots that double as slippers, so they can kick back and relax more than ever.

Build a Fort

We all remember building forts during our childhood. Pulling the cushions off the couch, grabbing all the pillows and blankets you could find, and giving your new castle a name worthy of your wildest imagination. Give your kids the opportunity for the same imaginative fun and help them build the latest iteration of Fort Fluffytown. They can become knights and princesses for a night. Of course, their magical shoes will be replaced by equally magical slippers for kids.

Enjoy a Food Tour

Tonight, dinner won’t just be dinner. It can be a trip around the world. Pick a few different courses—at least 4-5 different dishes in the meal—and craft dishes from different countries for each one. You can have appetizers from America, soup from France, a Japanese salad, an Italian main course, and finally, a Swiss dessert. The best part? You’ll get a feel for traveling the world, and you won’t even need your hiking boots! If you get home from a busy week at work, order some take-out, trade your pair of comfy womens black boots for some cozy slippers, and dig in with your team of culinary travelers.

Try Some Fun Arts and Crafts

Staying home for the night is perfect for flexing your creative muscles. An arts and crafts night can take many forms. You can lead your family of artists in a guided painting night, or you can just unleash them on a table full of different materials, tools, and mediums to express their vision. Paint, sculpt, scrapbook, color. Make bath bombs, candles, jewelry, or picture frames. The sky’s the limit, so be sure to free up some space on your fridge for the masterpieces once they’re all completed.

Set Up Your Living Room for Indoor Camping

Another way to enjoy a night inside is to bring outdoor activities indoors. Camping in your living room can be a great last-minute alternative to camping outside. Set up a tent in a good central spot, tell your little ones to grab their fluffy slippers, and make sure you have plenty of marshmallows available. You can make s’mores over the stovetop, grill up some hot dogs on the back porch, and turn off the lights for a round of scary stories around the lantern. Camping is lots of fun, but sometimes it’s nice to avoid bug bites.

Treat Yourself and Your Little Ones to a Spa Night

Rest and relaxation—parents need it, and kids need it too. A spa night is a win-win for everyone involved. You’ll want to create a peaceful atmosphere first. Light some candles, make sure the slippers for kids are laid out and ready to go, and find the perfect lighting combination—a couple of salt lamps should do the trick. Then, pull out some of your favorite self-care items. Face masks are always a big hit, and you can’t go wrong with a back massager. You can combine these ideas with a movie night or food tour for the ultimate at-home experience.

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition with a Game Night

If you’re ready for some fun competition, game night is the perfect opportunity. The games you decide to play can depend entirely on the age of your kids, but you can have fun with any of them. Younger kids might like Twister and hide and seek, while older kids might have more fun with more complex board games or even party games like charades or musical chairs. If you are all gamers, you can even find family-friendly, cooperative video games. Just remember, having fun is more important than winning.

Lead a Yoga Session

If you or your significant other are big fans of yoga, this is the perfect time to give your kids an introductory lesson. Find some easy poses and stretches that everyone in the family can do. Clear some space in the living room or kitchen and roll out your mats. Who knows? With this to spark their interest, your kids might just become aspiring yogis themselves. If you want a more lighthearted yoga session, put on some fun and fuzzy slippers and create poses with the silliest names you can think up. 

Get Ready for Storytime

Stories are a great way to boost your child’s imagination, and they can make for a great family activity. Plus, you don’t have to limit your little ones to just listening to you read them stories. They can create their own! Give everyone some ideas, and then together, you can write your own stories. You can give them lots of story rules to follow or let their imagination run wild. Then, they can write a story, film a movie, or put on a play. At the end of the night, you’ll have plenty of fresh and original entertainment you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Host a Positive Night

Helping others can be a great way to spend time together as a family. You can take the night to write letters to friends and family or video chat with Grandma and Grandpa. Or come up with a “donation scavenger hunt” where everyone has to find a certain number of clothes or toys that they don’t use anymore and can donate instead. You can also channel the positivity and use it to help each other as a family. Write down what you love about everyone and put the notes in hand-crafted containers. After all, a little bit of positivity can go a long way.

There you have it—ten amazing ideas for a fun night inside with your family. Don’t forget to wear your favorite pair of comfy boots or cozy slippers. You simply can’t beat a night full of memories, comfort, relaxation, and, most importantly, family.


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Written by Megan Taylor
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