How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Bag


The 21st century is the best and worst time for rationalism when it comes to fashion.  There is a lot of information on different topics, but there can easily be found some contradictions with every statement we hear or read. Of course, fashion decisions and production processes are no exception in the world of unclarity. However, there is one topic that never gets old and is still controversial – the vegan leather bags and other items.

Most people know little to none about this texture. However, the old fashion gurus truly believe that it is a bad choice, whereas the new trends are there to prove them wrong. What is the truth? Here are some facts to crystalize this conflict!

What is vegan leather and why do we choose it?

Vegan leather is a trendy way to name artificial leather. It is made from polyurethane. There are other ways of producing it as well – from more innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable, and plant-based materials. These can vary but the most popular materials used to make vegan leather are hard leaves such as pineapple leaves, most types of peels and fruit waste such as apple peels, or even plastic selected for recycling. 

These resources are great and the production of vegan leather is not easy, but it gives you many options in its usage in fashion. It is amazing, but the trend of sustainable fashion is getting big and you can find purses, bags, totes bags, crossbody bags, and all types of coats and shoes made from vegan materials. 

Many people believe that vegan leather bags and eco-friendly fashion are low quality as they can easily be found in average clothes shops. Although this is true, it is not because sustainable products are not such good quality, but because the trend has spread so widely that now it is available for everyone. In fact, years ago, when recycling belonged to different processes which were more expensive, sustainable clothing was much more expensive and we could find it primarily in luxury stores and boutiques.

How to care for your vegan leather bags?

There is a widely spread belief that vegan leather bags are not quality products because they do not last too long. However, most people do not appreciate the fact that vegan leather bags insist on you taking care of them, just like those made from real leather. This is the reason why they do not last the same. People underestimate vegan leather bags and after just a little time they seem used and unpleasant for the looks and outfits we want to create.  Here are a few tips and tricks on how to take care of your vegan leather bags!

1. Cleaning

The cleaning process of vegan leather bags is just the same as that for real leather items. You use just soap, mild, or baby detergent. It is necessary to avoid rough products as they can be very harmful to these artificial materials. This will prevent them from drying and you will avoid the ugliest side effects of cracking or losing color.

2. Storing and maintenance

Vegan leather bags need as much care as real leather ones. Just as for any skin, including our own living skin, moisture is very important, especially for the look and smooth texture of the bag. 

For our skin, we use moisturizers if not every day, at least once in a few days. Of course, vegan leather bags do not need such thorough care, but they do need proper application of a moisturizing product from time to time. There are many different options on the market that you can choose from. In the past, the most popular one was paste or cream. Now there is a more functional and convenient one – the sprays.

When it comes to storing vegan leather bags, again the procedures and care needed are quite the same as those for a real leather item.  When it comes to the texture, although you might be using a moisturizing product to maintain the good condition of your vegan leather bags, this might seem like not enough of an effort. Cracking and peeling may appear out of nowhere. 

When this happens, the look of your vegan leather bags cannot be enhanced. You may be wondering what have you been doing wrong with moisturizing and oiling the material. It is most probably not a problem sourcing from this. The reason is surely coming from your storing habits. If you tend to leave your vegan leather bags in the heat, then, these oils and moisturizing products cannot neutralize the temperature changes. Heat is one of the biggest enemies of your bags. 

Another threat that you have probably never considered as such is the sunlight. Although the bags may be stored in a room temperature space and the leather’s texture may be looking fine, you may notice that some decoloring process has started evolving. This happens if your vegan leather bags are exposed to sunlight. Artificial leather has the benefit of being provided in many different colors that are unique and vibrant. If you want to protect them, we highly advise you to store your bags in protectors in your wardrobe where they can be safe and last longer than usual. 

Vegan leather bags are a great substitution for real leather items. They are key in the eco-friendly, sustainable chic these days and are getting more and more accessible to everyone in regular clothing stores.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.