30 Fashion Essay Topics to Write Papers About


Are you looking for a captivating fashion topic to write about? The fashion industry is very exciting and controversial. It is definitely worth studying. Fashion is an integral part of daily life and includes popular aesthetics that become a frenzy among the masses. In many cases, fashion dictates different aspects of our social life related to clothing, hairstyle, footwear, accessories, lifestyle, and makeup. There are countless ways to explore elements of fashion within the different fields, such as history, drama, sociology, and business.

Writing about fashion can confuse students because it can be found in almost everything. Students find it difficult to fixate on a single thing about fashion. This article will inspire you to write fashion essays, whether you desire to write argumentative or persuasive essays. You will find a list of topics to discuss and write papers about. But first, let’s understand different elements of topic ideation when you want to write fashion papers.

Fashion Topics Ideation

Fashion is both an expression of culture and art. There are countless ways of exploring fashion within multiple fields of inquiry. If you are a fashion major, elements you can explore include pattern drafting, historical and emerging trends, intersections of fashion and journalism, and the influences of fashion icons. Remember that if you choose historical essay topics about fashion, make sure you consult primary and secondary academic resources. You can also include other sources like pamphlets and circulars. Most importantly, there are communities and cultures whose fashion trends and businesses are not covered sufficiently in traditional sources, such as interactions by communities of color and queer groups. So if you are interested in exploring topics about the business of fashion, you should conduct extended research to gather the most credible information

When selecting the topic, consider that fashion is seasonal and requires students to stay updated on the trends. Students are interested in knowing how fashion affects their life. Personal observation and essay writing are great ways to learn about fashion. Many students have no difficulties with making personal observations. However, the biggest challenge that students face is developing interesting essay topics about fashion. Most learners end up writing topics that are boring and unoriginal. To ensure your essay stands out, put forward a unique voice by writing an interesting argumentative essay.

Remember that you’ve got to read fashion to write fashion. The first step to identifying good fashion essay topics and writing excellent content is reading high-quality studies on the subject. There are all kinds of information online that you can use to research fashion, such as magazines and blogs. Additionally, do not restrict your reading to fashion content. Read about unique personal experiences, thoughts, and stories of other people. Outside opinions can inspire an appreciation for different styles and give you fashion essay topics that you can replicate in your writing. Reading also helps you to break away from the monotony of content. Professors appreciate essay papers that are well thought out, which adds value when you want to get good grades.

Some Tips for Essay Writing on Fashion

As a beginner, coming up with a fashion topic and writing an essay can be daunting. However, there are various opportunities that you can take to help you learn and grow as a fashion student. Specifically, there are many professional online writing services that help students write essays and attain high grades. Therefore, if you are intimidated and feel that essay writing is not your strong suit, you can work with an expert. A paper writing service CustomWritings has many professional essay writers who can help you to come up with an interesting topic, review your drafts, or write a custom paper from scratch at a cheap rate.

Alternatively, you can come up with a great fashion topic and write it yourself. All you need are samples to guide and inspire your writing. Practice also makes perfect when it comes to writing about fashion. In the contemporary world, fashion has permeated almost every aspect of life. Still, many students struggle with the non-academic discourse related to fashion. There are many styles of thinking about fashion in ways that reflect different periods, social statuses, cultures, and evolutions. A fast way to come up with interesting fashion essay topics on your own is to explore the different elements of humanity and apply them across different disciplines related to fashion. You can also make your writing easy by using words that define you and topics that you relate to. Lastly, ensure the topic you choose to write about allows you to lay a good impression on your reader.

Top 30 Fashion Argumentative Essay Topics to Write Papers About

The topics listed below will inspire you to write interesting argumentative fashion essays. They include creative, investigative, and educational topics that you can use for your own original essay.

  1. The role of technology in the fashion industry
  2. The ethics of flesh and fur in high fashion
  3. The use of fashion for social agendas
  4. The main methods of conducting research in fashion
  5. The origin of western fashion
  6. Fashion as a form of cultural expression
  7. Politics and fashion
  8. The influence of fashion on individual identity
  9. The use of pop-up stores by high fashion brands
  10. Fashion makeup: The impact of vegan products that contain natural-origin ingredients
  11. Exploring the intersections of style and comfort in high fashion
  12. The use of graphic designs in clothes
  13. Cultural appropriation in fashion design
  14. Icon case study: Rihanna’s influence on fashion
  15. Lessons that working from home has taught us about our personal style
  16. Market targeting in fashion
  17. The psychological effects of fashion advertisements on teen consumers
  18. The roles of merchandising, buying, and financing in the fashion business
  19. 1950s fashion and cultural ideas
  20. The influence of music on fashion: Trends in the 1990s
  21. Fashion and subculture identification
  22. The impact of climate change on the current fashion trends
  23. Fashion in the middle ages
  24. Piracy in the fashion industry
  25. Digital marketing in the fashion industry
  26. The fundamentals of fashion design
  27. The role of fashion in creating a material culture
  28. The causes of the retail crisis in the fashion industry today
  29. Consumer behavior in the fashion industry
  30. Fashion as a form of communication

Wrapping Up

Coming up with a fashion essay topic does not have to be a difficult task. Fashion is an interesting and dynamic subject with a lot to write about. When stuck, use online resources to identify an interesting argumentative topic to write about. You can also ask for help from professional writers as you gradually develop an understanding of essay paper writing.

Written by Megan Taylor
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