How Much Does a Weave Ponytail Cost?


In today’s times, wigs are trendier than they ever have been before. After the chaos of COVID-19, we all realized how important it was to unleash our creative freedoms. So, we began wearing a multitude of colorful rainbow hair, trying the brightest neon makeup looks, and trying out new nail shapes. After a few too many hair dyes, we quickly realized that coloring our natural hair was a bad idea, as it created damage. So, we re-discovered the magic of wigs. Wigs are a fantastic asset to any look, as they allow you full creativity without any permanent damage or commitment.

While full wigs are a great way to drastically change up your look, what if you’re looking for a smaller change, such as making your hair look longer? A great way to make a minor yet statement-making adjustment to your look is to add a weave ponytail into your hair.

What is a Weave Ponytail?

A weave ponytail is a weave that is specifically crafted to go over and wrap around your natural ponytail, instantly making your hair look fuller, longer, and better styled. There are many types of weave ponytail styles that you can choose from, some to make your ponytails long and straight, others to make your ponytail much more full and curly, and some to make them look carefully and meticulously waved.

The Benefits of a Weave Ponytail

There are many benefits to wearing a weave ponytail. First, having naturally long hair can be weighted and dull. Generally, your ends split, your scalp gets sore because there’s so much hair pulling on it. And in the warmer months, long hair can just be unrealistically out-of-control. So, instead of having naturally long hair, you can keep your hair medium-length and manageable and use a weave ponytail to give yourself length whenever you want it.

Another great reason to use a weave ponytail is to give yourself more hair to better style your look. A normal ponytail can look very thrown together, but when you add a weave to it, it immediately allows it to look more styled and also gives you more hair to play with to complete a cool ponytail braid or another chic more intricate style.

Finally, as mentioned, you can get a colorful or highlighted weave ponytail that makes your hair stand out without having to permanently alter your hair at all. Instead of committing to pink highlights throughout your hair, you can get weave ponytails with highlights and/or dipped ends that make a statement and can easily come out when you’re tired of them.

So, what does it cost?

A natural, human-hair, realistic looking weave ponytail from the site we recommend, Nadula, costs roughly $69 USD per weave. Considering their high quality, in our opinion, they are absolutely worth the investment.

A full lace-front wig to enhance your ponytail

If you’d prefer to temporarily change the full color of your hair or would just prefer not to show your natural hair at all, have no fear! Rather than simply adding a weave ponytail onto your natural ponytail, you can get a 360 ponytail wig. In other words, you can get a beautiful natural human-hair looking wig with a lace cap (which makes it look even more realistic) to wear over your natural hair. These wigs are easy to style and can offer another way to create a beautiful pony-tailed look while covering all of your natural hair. This will protect your hair and roots from the elements and keep your natural hair safe. If you’d prefer to go this route, 360 ponytail wigs range between $153 and $215.30 per wig on Nadula.

All in all, if you’re looking for a style change, think about creating a gorgeous ponytail with either a weave ponytail or a 360 ponytail wig. You’ll get a refreshing change of style without a wild commitment to change up your natural hair.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.