3 Elegant Save the Date Cards the Royals Have Used Throughout the Years

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The day of your engagement, probably the most significant day of your life, ought to be cherished forever in your loving memory. It not only signifies the official union of the couple, but also the start of an unbreakable tie and a new phase in your life. Your life changes after you become engaged. No matter how difficult the circumstances, you have a companion who will be there for you and who will celebrate your best experiences.

Therefore, you must make construct special to commemorate this momentous occasion and that will also serve as a memento of the occasion. It is only right to make an investment and create something unique for such a celebration.  The royals have always made sure to engrave these days into their memory in the grandest way possible. One way of doing that was designing the mouthwatering save the date cards which screamed exquisiteness from every corner. Let’s see how they managed to achieve that feat.

The beauty in simplicity

If you take a look at the save the date designs used by the royals over the years, they have a consistent feature, they are exceptionally simple. You won’t see cards that are bloated with different design artifacts giving the cards a complicated appearance. You won’t see multiple ink colors that will make it look as if came from the factory of a nine year old. They are crafted with simplistic elegance in mind. The font style is selected after much deliberation which best suits the nature of the card. And the color of paper is either white or a subtle shade of grey or beige, which drips with class.

If simplicity isn’t your cup of tea, then look at the Arabs

Well there is no other way to put it, but the eye watering wealth of the Arabs is no secret, and they make sure to show it. Their wedding cards are adorned with gold and diamonds, in the most literal way! Not only that, the Arabs don’t shy away from fashion. Their use of vibrant colors is articulate and done in a tasteful manner. Fret not, if boho themed save the date is your slice of cake, then there are online designers that can do the job for you. Their catalogue of designs is immense and they are bound to captivate your attention.

The content of their save the date cards

The British Royal Family has always been a beacon of light when it comes to class. They refrain from pretentious antics and keep matters to the point. Look no further than the body of their save the date cards. The language used is precise with razor sharp accuracy. There is no use of complicated vocabulary. Details of the event and location will suffice, and that is how the British go about their business when it comes to weddings.


As you can see, there are two ways to design your save the date cards. Either you can go for a simple classy wedding card, or a vibrant one that will blow the minds of your guests. Royals of different regions have used different styles, the British being subtler in their taste in contrast to the Arabs. You can look into both for inspiration and then create one according to your like via online designing websites that are plentiful and are brimming with quality templates.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.