How to Write an Architectural Essay in A+?


Architectural essay enables the student to penetrate into the essence of the creative method of designers of past eras. Check how to write an architectural essay in the article below.

Why Is It Important to Write a Good Essay on Architecture?

An essay on architecture is a short essay that expresses the author’s personal opinion on a particular topic. Naturally, for a competent presentation of your own point of view, you need to delve deeply into the task, and study it from the inside. But not everyone wants to spend precious time on a subject that is not even a profile or is not easy to comprehend. Performing essays on architectural analysis allows students to expand those general ideas about the development of an architecture that they received in lecture courses. Students learn to work independently with works of architecture in order to penetrate into the subtler and deeper patterns of the origin and development of architectural styles, to understand the features of volumetric and planning schemes, and structural systems, to comprehend the intricacies of various creative methods and specific techniques used in the design and construction of architectural objects.

Your Path to Writing the Architectural Essay in A+

Architectural project descriptions are not literary texts or essays. Their task is to talk about the project on the case and without water. This does not mean that the text should be written in the language of explanatory notes – the author’s intonation may sound in it, but it is important to understand for whom you are writing your text: for the selection committee or employer, for the competition jury or for the editor who will prepare a publication about your project. In different situations, both intonation and semantic accents in the text change, but in any case, it is better to explain your ideas as simply as possible, to do without complex grammatical phrases, abstruse words, and near-philosophical terms – all this makes it difficult to understand the essence. Some compare an essay to a composition. This is partly true. The essay still differs from the essay in a clearer focus of thought and the obligatory presence of arguments.

What to Know About Architecture in Writing the Essay on Architecture?

Architecture is only partly an art. The architect creates in the course of his activity an artificial human environment. There is no doubt that this environment must be aestheticized; otherwise human life will not be able to proceed in comfortable conditions. But we should not forget that in addition to the aestheticization of the environment, the architect is obliged to solve a large number of professional tasks. Architecture is part of the building process. Construction involves the passage of large financial flows (in the entire history of mankind, there is hardly an era when construction would be cheap). The essay on architecture differs from the mentioned tasks in greater freedom, although it also has a certain structure that must be followed. In foreign educational institutions, writing an essay is a familiar task that will not surprise anyone. 

One of the Most Successful Ways to Writing an Essay on Architecture

An essay on architecture is a creative flight of thought. This is concentrated creativity. In the foreground of the essay is the personality of the author, his thoughts, feelings, and attitude to the world. This is the main setting of the essay. However, we must remember that, despite the freedom of creativity, writing in the essay genre is not at all easy since you need to find an original idea (even on traditional material), and a non-standard view of any problem. This is a test of the ability to think, draw conclusions, and express one’s opinion. If you decide to order an essay on the Internet, you need a person:

  • with brains;
  • creative mindset;
  • wide erudition;
  • skills of analysis and synthesis;
  • beautiful style of presentation;
  • harmony of thoughts;
  • philosophical approach.

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