Stay Warm But Do It Efficiently


When winter lands, we all anticipate our energy bills rocketing in price, as we use our heating much more to keep warm. However, can you really afford to spend this much money on utility bills? The good news is that you don’t have to. Nowadays, there are so many different solutions when it comes to achieving energy efficiency.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to maximize heating efficiency in your home is to invest in the various technologies that are available. You can shop here for some great heated rugs and much more!  Read on to discover some of the ways you can use technology to improve efficiency.

Smart meters

There are many different products available to help you be more efficient with your heating, and one of the best is a smart meter. A smart meter not only cuts out the need for meter reading, but it will help you to make smarter decisions by keeping track of the energy you use in your home. They work in the same way as a traditional meter; however, smart meters boast added functionality. They are able to tell you when you have used the energy in question and how much it costs. This gives you the perfect platform to adapt your energy use to ensure you are being more efficient. Moreover, smart meters eliminate the prospect of receiving a nasty surprise through your mailbox when the utility bill arrives because you will know how much you have spent in real-time and so you will be able to adapt your behavior in accordance.

Smart thermostats

Aside from smart meters, smart heating controls present another way of achieving energy efficiency. Smart thermostats are one of the latest heating control products on the market, and they can be connected to the Internet so that you can access and adjust them no matter where you are. This presents many benefits. Not only will you have greater control over your heating, but you can also avoid wasting energy because you can simply heat the rooms required. This ensures the living room is nice and warm for you when you get in from a long day out, for example, or that your bedroom is heated just before you go to bed. This enables you to manage your overall energy use much more efficiently.

If you do a quick search online, you will note that there is an extensive assortment of smart thermostats to choose from, all of which boast different features. There are even some thermostats that will pick up on your heating patterns and automatically adapt to suit them while you can connect a vast assortment of thermostats to your Apple and Android devices too.

There are also some dual systems on the market too. For example, you can get systems that enable you to control everything in your home from your lights to your heating to your CCTV via the one dashboard. This may be something you want to look into.

Written by Megan Taylor
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