Unique Vanity Decor Ideas That You Will Definitely Love to Use


Obviously, dedicating an entire room to makeup is not possible for many of us. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot design a unique and dedicated area for vanity. Of course, vanity room decor ideas are countless. From chairs, lighting, cosmetic placements, and the wall itself play a vital role in designing the makeup area. If you utilize lighting that gives focus and optimum brightness, you can change a small vanity area into a wider and bold-looking space.

Be confident to choose the right style that matches your taste and thinking so you get inspired every time you visit your glam area. Don’t limit your design only to big things. Focus more on small things like color, artwork, and the type of stuff because even tiny things matter here! You will love to tell others that you have countless collections in your cosmetics, but still no clutter at all with ease of access to vanity room design. Now that’s the kind of well-disciplined and organized makeup area you want.

Lucite Chairs For a Spacious Vibe & Elegance

It’s an acrylic plastic chair, also known as a ghost chair, that is transparent and never blocks light, and helps illuminate the vanity area for the best makeup. Mostly, it uses velvet seats that provide a beautiful and soft experience. Why are lucite chairs a good choice? Don’t take it as a small idea! You will get the following other advantages while using the acrylic chairs for makeup:

  • Lightweight
  • Reflects light and promotes brightness
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Unique style and luxe piece

Faux Sheepskin Rug (below the feet)

Not every rug is suitable for vanity area decoration. Girls mostly love the bright and soft rugs that are also easy to clean. Faux sheepskin rugs are good to go here if you want the natural soft experience below the feet while doing makeup. Not just that, it provides a favorable ambience in the following ways:

  • Relax your feet muscles
  • Excellent piece of vanity room decor
  • Extremely soft and amazing to touch
  • Functional on the makeup seat as well
  • Easy to clean and carry

Elegant Looking LED Shelves


These shelves having LED lights are best against the dark background to give a standalone look. Focused lighting is always recommended in the vanity area. So, these LED lights highlight the makeup kits and every tool that you can use to shine your face. The reasons you will love these shelves are:

  • Focused lighting gives ambience for a focused makeup
  • Enhance brightness in the vanity area
  • Excellent lighting decoration adds a modern touch
  • Adds focal point with an elegant display

Wall Mirrors Decor

Don’t limit your makeup area decor only to the lighting, furniture, flooring, etc. Use decorative mirrors as a modern wall mirrors decor piece and beautify your wall for the most elegant ambience. A mirror is the most essential thing in the vanity area, and most of the time the eyes stay there. So, a decorative mirror that makes you most happy to see. Below are the reasons why you should use it:

  • A Wall mirror is a must decor piece in the glam room
  • A top-quality mirror gives HD reflection for the best grooming
  • Bring brilliance with light reflection on your face for spotless makeup

Vinyl Decal Beautiful Face Wall Sticker or Girl Eyes Winking Wall Sticker

Instead of using butterflies or letters, use this amazing vinyl decal wall sticker depicting a beautiful girl’s eyes winking just above the vanity mirror. Also, you can use a beautiful makeup face wall sticker to decorate your beauty room. Use these salon wall stickers for the following reasons:

  • Design glam area like a salon
  • Give inspiration for a detailed makeup
  • Signifies that the area is for makeup only
  • Amazing piece of wall decoration

Makeup Topless Table With Glass Cover Displaying All Cosmetics

The glass top vanity uses a topless vanity table with a glass protector that displays all your cosmetics without opening the drawer. Isn’t that amazing? You can put cosmetics without remembering their placements. Simply see the table while you are sitting, and open that drawer where you can see the required cosmetic or makeup tool.

  • Ease of access to cosmetics
  • Unique vanity decoration idea
  • Openness interior space
  • Appear elegant vanity area

Tiny Vanity Area Adjacent to the Bed


If you have a small interior in your home and want to utilize every part of the home productively, then this idea is for you. You should design a tiny vanity area adjacent to your bed space at a side corner. You can design this with a small vanity stool, a small desk table having a drawer and a round wall mirror against the bright walls. Use this idea because it gives:

  • An alternative for low-space interiors
  • Easy to use
  • Functional and decorative for the bedroom

Mirrored Cabinet Makeup Room

This mirror attached to a cabinet makes your vanity area functional and modern. You do not need to clean the mirror every day. Simply close the cabinet after using the mirror. This looks pretty modern, smart, and durable vanity design that will make you feel proud every time you see it. All the cosmetics are hidden inside the cabinets to design a clutter-free vanity room. Also, put decorative items above the mirror shelf that provides extra storage space.

  • Reduce clutter from the vanity
  • Smart and modern style of design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Super functional
  • Additional storage space


Not all vanity room decor ideas are workable as per girls’ tastes of choices and likes, but many girls want unique and bright designs for vanity rooms. A vanity should look unique so the makeup, in turn, appears unique and perfect. These vanity room decor ideas are much easier to apply and you are most welcome to suggest via comment some similar ideas you love most.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.