Transparent Spectacles: Yay or Nay?


How does living in the most complicated yet amazing era of time with weird type of problems feel?

Umm! It’s a bit hard to manage but fun at the same time. The biggest struggle that we all face every day is???? Well, it depends, whether you are lucky enough to be done with your studies then it’s making money. And the second category is of those who are unfortunate enough to be dealing with school.

Making money and scoring good marks come first depending on your category but what comes second is too clear. It is to look hot at all times, no matter what. It gets frustrating when you have to wear optical glasses to ruin the efforts.

But, no worries! Here we have excellent tips for nailing the looks even with the transparent glasses.

Look Chic with Transparent Glasses

Gone are the days when optical glasses were a sign of nerdy turtles. We are too lucky to be born in an era where you can transform anything into literally whatever you like. Having a weak vision can be frustrating and painful when not wearing the prescribed glasses for longer hours.

We can consider wearing contact lenses, but it is not too comfortable and starts to irritate after a few hours. No matter how much a brand claims that it’s safe to wear for bla bla bla hours, lenses are risky to wear for long hours.

What can be the savior for us nerdy turtles here? Well, here we must keep one example in mind at a time; even French fries used to be a potato once. Of course, our best partners forever that we call “Glasses.”

So, you can transform yourself into French fries or even wedges from a potato. It was all for motivation, now let’s come to the catch that how to replace potato looks with the French fries type.

·        Funky Frames

The best way to look young when you’re growing old and don’t want others to find out is going a little funky. We have watched most of our favorite celebrities in Red spectacles, which look pretty nice. But know that, not too funky, to be wearing yellow, orange, or green frames.

Going a little bit funky with selecting your frames won’t fail you at all. We have already seen many of our favorite personalities wearing red frames. So, red can be your color if you don’t like regular frames.

·        Black Frames

Black color has its class, and no other color can beat it. It is the color that goes well with whatever is merged with it without compromising at all times. Also, the specialty of black adds up class to the color combined with it.

Today, black frames have come in many stylish options and multiple styles to pick from. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can add value to your overall looks when finished with Black frames spectacles.

·        Frameless Glasses

Frameless glasses are the best thing to come up with a decent look. It is something that most of the sober guys pick over other frames. However, frameless glasses do not look best on many females, but it varies from person to person.

Most of the sober guys we meet do not go too loud with their spectacles. Frameless glasses are a perfect accessory to wear when you opt for a decent yet sober look.

·        Silver/Golden Frames

Golden and silver frames are not granny’s or grandpa’s thing anymore. You can go utterly chic with golden or silver frames. A thin metallic frame in a round or oval shape can steal the show when styled perfectly.

These colors go well with both males and females and add a subtle grace in personality. So, if you want to go graceful without putting in much effort, opt for golden/silver frame.


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.