How To Know Your Limits – A Psychological Approach To Successful Gambling


If you are reading this article for some advice, there have probably been several occasions where you lost your cool while gambling, or at least were annoyed by the outcome while in a casino. It is never a pleasant situation, neither for you nor for anybody around you. Visiting a casino should be a fun, entertaining, and thrilling experience, not a step forward to distress or even fear of losing control over gambling.

Some people are more prone to show their emotions and react impulsively to specific circumstances. It doesn’t mean they are purposefully behaving in such a way. When you believe in an outcome where you win, you don’t prepare yourself for a situation where you lose, so the flood of emotions is just a thing people have. Whether you are a casino novice or an experienced player, the following tips will be helpful for anyone who wants to have power over themselves and be a well-behaved casino visitor.

Prepare For Any Outcome 

If you truly believe you will win the big prize every time you enter a casino, you rely on movies too much. Gambling is one small part strategy and the other bigger part is pure luck, which also varies depending on the game you are playing. Be realistic with yourself and your skills. If you are new to the casino world, you should limit your time there and just test out the terrain. It is inevitable you will lose, but be patient. There will be time for you to shine and celebrate your first wins at card games or slot machines.

Stick To Your Budget 

When players start losing money, one round after the other, that is when you see their true temper. People get angry and disappointed. It doesn’t mean they are usually easily upset but when your money goes away so quickly, you would react the same too. The biggest mistake is players try one more time thinking it would be different until they lose more than they planned. The best advice is to first take a look at your balance and know much you can spend. When you settle with how much you can spend, stick to it no matter how much you are winning at the moment. If you are gambling online for example, then use all the bonuses you are offered. You get to play before depositing so you can test the waters.

Switch It Up With Other Games

Being an expert in poker doesn’t mean you won’t be losing often. You may feel stuck playing the same game over and over again. This leads to frustration and weird thoughts that the dealer doesn’t like you or even weirder superstitions such as wearing red in a casino or avoiding crossing your arms and legs. Try out other stuff casinos have to offer. Why not a slot tournament? Play a bit and see if you know how to manipulate a slot machine when playing alone or competing in a tournament. It is just one example of how versatile the casino industry is and how much entertainment it can offer. The key is to try everything – from slot machines to blackjack and poker. 

Don’t Blame Others For Losing

You are the only one making decisions for yourself. This applies to everything, including gambling. You can stop whenever you want and if you feel pressure from your friends or the casino staff, leave. However, if you continue playing, the outcome is only yours, good or bad. Never let anyone push you to continue nor should you accuse anyone or anything of your loss. Just accept it the way it is and try again next time. Cool off and think about what you should change in your game so you get better each day.


You are there to have fun and spend time with your friends. If you want to understand how games work, that is also fine. Gambling is a hobby for many people and it can be yours too. Just control your emotions and know when it is time to stop. Don’t continue just because someone has big expectations or you think you can play more even though you have been losing for some time. When in a casino, you get overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere so you do your role in it. The thrill of gambling is like no other but take it slowly no matter what. Go home and clear your head. Start over some other time. It gives a good perspective on things.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.