Heading into summer: San Marina sets the rules for the coolest women’s shoes colors


Those who deal with the fashion industry on a daily basis (which means, basically, professionals, insiders, experts, sector journalists and pundits) know perfectly that there are a few “indicators” able to foresee and anticipate the newest trends for the upcoming months, before they become public through an official launch (like those that take place during the main fashion weeks all over the world). Most of them are fashion houses which, over time, have become fully-fledged trendsetters, often in an unconscious way.

When it comes with the women’s shoes sector, San Marina has taken this role during the last decade, and so far, the maison’s predictions have never gone wrong. Active on the market since the early Eighties, the French company seems to have an unerring nose for everything is about to become trendy within 10-12 months at most, so they’ve never made a bad choice in this specific market segment. That’s why San Marina women’s shoes have become a must, not only for those who are obsessed by the fanciest footwear, but also for all the people who try constantly to detect the often-unpredictable oscillations in taste that characterize the whole fashion world.

The colors revolution

And what exactly do the most recent San Marina collection say, in terms of innovation and game-changing events? If we take a look at the most recent catalogue additions on the website san-marina.com, we can realize pretty much instantly that everything seems to revolve around a thorough research work on colors. Actually, those involved in this industry are aware that this is a trend that has been ongoing for years, even before the pandemic (another, totally unexpected, game-changing event that modified radically, and sometimes brutally, the rules of this business) broke out. And it involves not only the women’s shoes, but the entire sector, though in different ways and measures.

In fact, to be honest, the footwear domain has been the last one to surrender to this sort of “color revolution” which is investing the whole industry, proving to be the most traditional and resilient segment of it. By the way, the women’s shoes design has evolved a lot through the last decades, and the brand-new colors they show today are just, we can say, the last evolutionary stage of a long-term process.

Women’s footwear: the colors of Summer 2022

Going more into detail, let’s see now which are the best colors of Summer 2022 for what concerns women’s shoes. Obviously, the San Marina collections worked as a guidance for us, and here below you will find the results of our research.

  1. Blue Jeans. The most iconic tissue of the last two centuries has become an actual color, with its own identity. Its greatest quality: it combines practically with everything. Its biggest flaw: one of the few things that don’t match with it is…blue jeans. So, although it may seem paradoxical, you must avoid ton sur ton combinations.
  2. Gold and silver. Oldies but goldies, someone may say. These two colors are a must for any kind of luxury object, including footwear. The only problem is that nobody dared to match them with summer shoes so far. But we all know that sometimes fashion designers love to break the rules and write new ones.
  3. Emerald green. In this specific case, it’s about shifting from spring to summer. And it’s totally justified, since this color represents perfectly the idea of freedom and joy embodied by the hottest season of the year.
  4. Violet. Another gauntlet thrown on the face of the common taste. In many countries it has a bad reputation (it is rumored that it brings misfortune), in other ones it’s simply considered too peculiar or even weird to make it possible to combine it with other colors. So, why not trying to use as a new footwear hue? Down there, at the very bottom of an outfit, it shouldn’t bother anyone.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.