Best EcoTourism Destinations To Visit In 2022


If you have been bitten by the travel bug but wish to keep things eco-friendly, then you can visit destinations that use renewable energy and offer opportunities to travelers for volunteering to conserve scarce natural resources. Today we have rounded up some of the most eco-friendly travel destinations which need to be on your bucket list for the 2022 travel plans:

  • Costa Rica is home to various species of flora and fauna making it a top pick for eco-travelers. You can enjoy the virgin beauty of natural habitats including volcanoes, rainforests, and beaches in Costa Rica. Renewable sources fuel most of the country’s electricity supply. A quarter of its land is dedicated to reserves, parks, and conservation areas. On your next trip to Costa Rica, you must visit the Osa Peninsula to learn more about the local way of life and bask in rich biodiversity. 

  • While on a Galapagos islands cruise you can swim with sea turtles, sharks, and sea lions in the protected waters. The endemic flora and fauna of this archipelago have transformed it into a once-in-a-lifetime ecotourism spot. There is an upper limit on the number of travelers who can visit the Galapagos Islands and a visitation fee is imposed for helping with the preservation efforts. 

  • Patagonia, located at the southern tip of the world, has been a top pick of environmentalists and nature enthusiasts. Travelers can bask in the beauty of diverse landscapes ranging from lakes to mountains and epic hiking trails. You can minimize your environmental footprint by traveling through the Torres del Paine National Park on foot. You can plan your stay at the spacious dome-shaped tents which offer a beautiful blend of comfort alongside a carbon-neutral experience. 

  • The exotic country of New Zealand offers amazing landscapes filled with diverse wildlife. Being the home to various endemic birds, New Zealand never fails to attract travelers from around the world who wish to see birds in their natural habitat. You can cruise through its 15000 kilometers of varied coastline to enjoy nature at its crowning glory. Farm tours allow tourists to meet farmers face-to-face and learn more about their way of life. You can also volunteer to milk a dairy cow and feed the baby animals.

  • The Norwegian Fjords can serve as your perfect choice for enjoying a guilt-free holiday with its rich cultural heritage and untouched flora and fauna. It has earned its spot among top travel destinations courtesy of the crystal-clear waters, waterfalls, and snowy mountain tops. You can plan your stay at its eco-friendly hotels which harness geothermal energy for heating and cooling. To make your trip to Norway greener, you can travel via trains and engage in recreational activities which support the local community. 

  • Experience an eco-friendly trip to Peru which is popular for its protected areas of rainforests and sprawling natural reserves. Efforts are being made to keep the activities of tourists safe and sustainable while curbing deforestation. You must visit the Tambopata National Reserve on your next trip to Peru to learn more about conservation projects and volunteer in wildlife-focused visits. 

  • You can plan your next eco-adventure to Vietnam to enjoy tours and accommodations at affordable rates. This amazing Asian destination is popular for hiking and biking activities alongside exploring the lagoons, national parks, and amazing food platters. The tour operators care extensively about sustainability and arrange cycling and trekking tours to help travelers experience the landscapes in their unfiltered form. 

  • Borneo is slowly evolving into a favorite destination of tourists who wish to experience natural landscapes and unusual wildlife. Asia’s largest island is home to endangered animals like the Sunda Clouded Leopard, Hose’s Civet, Pygmy Asian Elephant, and the Bornean Orang-utan. The various tours offered on this island prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly services. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy activities like hiking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

  • The ruggedly beautiful landscape of Iceland is popular for its hot springs, waterfalls, and glaciers. This is why the country harnesses hydro and geothermal energy to power its electric supply. The various horseback riding, biking, and hiking opportunities in Iceland make it the best choice for travelers on the lookout for an eco-friendly holiday. 

If you love traveling, then it can be a thrill to explore Insta-worthy locations, events, and cuisines. The trend of ecotourism has started gaining traction lately as it supports opportunities that protect historical sites, locals’ way of life, flora and fauna by restricting motor vehicle access, limiting the number of visitors, harnessing renewable energy, and building non-invasive paths. You can reduce your carbon footprint while traveling by visiting the beautiful destinations listed above. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.