The Hottest Spring Sofa Furniture Collections


The dynamics and trends of interior design have shifted significantly in the last few years as people are once more spending more time in the home. If you are tired of your old furniture, or it is worn out and simply time to replace it, shopping for a new sofa can be a great way to pass the time and have a bit of fun daydreaming.

Of course, when the daydreaming is done, you have to find a sofa that is both affordable and stylish. The top furniture manufacturers are trying to make their products as attainable as possible, and with online furniture stores, you can generally afford the sofas you are most drawn to.

If you’re ready to jump into the newest living room furniture collections, here are the trends you should be expecting in Spring 2022.


Who would have thought that chevrons would ever be so popular? This is one of the vintage trends that is actually gaining more traction than it did in its hay day. Chevrons can be incorporated into your living room design with area rugs, artwork, or upholstery. Sofas with chevron patterns can be easily matched with other solid color furnishings for a cohesive look.

Geometric patterns

Chevrons are not alone. Many different geometric patterns are becoming commonplace when choosing a sofa. The geometric patterns could be incorporated into the upholstery, or it could be in the way the frame of the sofa is constructed. The most common shapes are those with sharp angles and clean lines in the popular modern style.

Modern minimalism

Most people today will agree that modern minimalism is the best approach to buying home furniture. After all, it maximizes your space and allows it to feel more open than it would if you filled it with bulky furniture. There are many different types of sofas available online that meet these demands. Some of them are also multi-functional, such as sofa beds and futons.

Keep in mind that a smaller sofa means less seating. If you frequently have friends over to visit or play party games with another couple, you should make sure that you choose appropriate accent chairs and/or a love seat to accompany the sofa.

Sustainable construction

Although Earth Day passed this year without much comment, consumers are increasingly aware of their “carbon footprint” on the environment. These eco-conscious individuals are more likely to want furniture made with natural materials through sustainable manufacture. Upholstery made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, or leather reduces waste as the fabrics will break down naturally over time. Biodegradable frame options include rattan wicker and bamboo.

You should also look for sofas that have a full metal frame and construction, as these are easily recyclable. Look for other eco-friendly designs, such as rattan wicker or heavy wood heirloom pieces. You might also want to check with the furniture manufacturer to see if their manufacturing processes are also sustainable.

Written by Megan Taylor
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