What Is a French Bob Haircut?


There’s a time for everything in terms of hair changes. From growing out long, luxurious locks to making the decision to chop it all off, it’s always a choice that requires thought and the desire for something different. While a good old-fashioned chop is a great way to get a fresh hair look, there are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to deciding on a specific cut or style. The French bob deserves a special shout-out in the short hair role call due to its flattering and ultra chic look. Here’s more on the French bob haircut and why it’s getting so much attention right now.

A Different Kind of Bob

The classic bob haircut has been a short hair go-to for what seems like forever. With the right maintenance routine and professional hair styling products, it’s also pretty easy to make this haircut look fabulous without much work at all. Between a decreased blow drying time and an overall lightweight feel, what’s not to love about a bob?

The French bob takes its classic form to the next level and then some. Characterized by a blunt cut around the mouth line, piecey texture and windswept fringe, this glamorous take on the classic bob is simply chic and stylish. Not all French bobs are alike, and that’s what makes this style so wonderful. Some clients forgo the bangs element, add a bit of layering or bring the length down a bit for an overgrown look that appears both effortless and balanced. The French bob is a great option for anyone looking for a timeless, subtle and chic hairstyle.

Cutting A French Bob

It’s important for stylists to know the difference between a French bob and other sharper or more defined versions of the traditional bob. If a client requests a French bob, make sure to talk to them about their exact vision. Since the French bob can be tweaked and customized, it’s important to know the details of what the client wants. Go over the intended length, messiness factor and whether or not they would like to include bangs. Once the client and the stylist have the same confidence and are on the same page, it’s time to get cutting!


When cutting a French bob, remember that texture and a little bit of imperfection are both encouraged. This haircut is different from a blunt or sharp bob, yet it still typically includes hair that is mostly one length. After the initial chop, stylists cut in an upward motion to create imperfect pieces that will add texture and movement to the resulting look. For this reason, stylists should plan to use professional texture hair products during the hair care and styling process.

French Bob Styling Tips

Once the hair has been cut, it’s time to style it with a chic and effortless mindset. a French bob is supposed to look a bit messy, but never overly disheveled or unhealthy. It’s easy to get a perfectly imperfect look by blow drying the hair with the fingers for a minute or two before using a round brush to twist and dry the hair into soft, touchable pieces. The end result should look healthy and silky mixed with a bit of grit and texture. Avoid using heavy sprays or creams that will inhibit movement and go for a salon quality texture spray that will add dimension and keep the hair from losing its shape. 

layered bob haircuts to refresh your look this fall
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Keep It Chic

Maintaining a French bob is definitely not a full-time job when compared to more sleek and defined short hairstyles. However, there are a few things to keep in mind and make sure clients are aware in terms of bob maintenance before they leave the salon. Since a French bob is a short haircut, it’s so important to protect that hair from breakage, dryness and other forms of damage. The use of a professional shampoo and conditioner can help keep the hair nourished and looking healthy between haircuts. Stylists should also encourage their clients to use a heat protectant before blow drying or using hot tools of any kind.

Maintaining a great French bob also requires more frequent trims, which will eliminate any split ends and give the stylist a chance to redefine the texture of the haircut. Typically any client with a bob should return for trims and touch-ups every six to eight weeks, though some clients may prefer to wait a little longer if they decide to lengthen their bob a bit more. With an expert cut, nourishing products and a dedicated maintenance routine, any client can rock a fantastic French bob.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.