Everything You Need to Know About The ‘Octopus Haircut’ Trend


Hair trends may come and go, but there will always be those few that make you want to jump in the car and head straight to the salon after seeing them for the first time. Though these ultra tempting hairstyle trends might vary based on hair length and personal preference, it’s safe to say that almost everyone has a funky, rockstar-inspired haircut on their bucket list.

Even if it never becomes a reality, it’s still fun to daydream about having a super bold haircut that turns heads everywhere. This idea accurately describes the newly popular “octopus haircut” trend, which has popped up on the heads of celebrities everywhere lately. Keep reading to learn more about this unique haircut that’s becoming more and more popular by the day.

What is an Octopus Haircut?

Despite its eclectic name, the octopus haircut has nothing to do with sea life. Rather, the shape of the look resembles the body and tentacles of an octopus. This haircut is defined by choppy pieces, texture and lots of layers, all of which contribute to the iconic octopus silhouette. Specifically, the top of the hair is textured and full of body, giving way to an initial round of layers near the cheekbones. These initial layers make a subtle mushroom shape around the crown of the head and the ears (resembling an octopus’ head) which flatters and contours the cheekbones with the help of a few professional hair styling products.

As the hair moves down past the cheeks, the layers keep close to the face and neckline before moving back outward in choppy curly pieces. These pieces of hair bend and flip upwards and outwards in a way that mirrors octopus tentacles, which make up the iconic octopus haircut look.

Octopus vs. Shag Haircut

If the octopus haircut looks very familiar, that’s because it is! The octopus cut is a mashup of other iconic cuts with a fresh twist. It has the layering finesse of 90s medium-length hair (think Rachel from Friends), the unisex-inspired diversity of the mullet and both the shape and the nostalgia of the shag. These cuts come together with short layers and a more defined shape to form the octopus haircut.

Though the shag haircut has also been resurrected as of late, it’s still different from the octopus. This difference is most easily seen in the octopus cut’s layering technique, which involves shorter, more widespread layers that begin at the cheekbones. In the back region, these layers move from short to long down the hair toward the ends.

The octopus haircut takes the shag to a whole new level in terms of definition and shape. While the shag remains an effortlessly-undone and chic look, the octopus embodies a cleaner look that favors big, piecey layers and bold, defined sections. Since the octopus haircut falls in the “more defined” section, it’s extremely important to take care of the hair between each salon visit.


Styling and Maintaining an Octopus Haircut

It’s crucial to care for hair when it has been cut in an intricate style like the octopus in order to maintain the iconic look and shape. The use of professional hair care products helps to minimize damage and nourish the hair so it continues to look and feel soft and healthy. Stylists should make sure their clients know exactly how to style and maintain their new octopus haircut before leaving the salon.

To style an octopus haircut in the salon or at home, start by working a texture cream or volumizing mousse into wet hair. The octopus shape is more easily held and molded when the hair has added grip from one of these products. When blow-drying, move in sections and make sure to differentiate one section from another, though this might be easier to do after the hair has been dried while being combed through with the fingers for a minute or two. Use a round brush to shape the bottom layers and pieces so the hair cinches in around the base of the skull and moves outward at the ends.

This haircut is a great candidate for salon-quality hairsprays that allows for a good bit of movement. The goal is to keep the octopus shape in place while allowing the layers to move and add dimension to the hair at the same time. Stylists should recommend a professional  shampoo and conditioner combination that works to nourish and hydrate the hair as well as give protection against breakage and other forms of damage. This will keep an octopus haircut looking fresh and fun for longer!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.