How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Outfit


Ever found the perfect dress, but once you get it home realize you have no lingerie that compliments it? We can often get so caught up with what others will see, we forget to think about what needs to go under an outfit! And there is really nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at any point, because of bad lingerie choices. Before you rush out to buy that all important undergarment, ask yourself these questions first.

What Type?

Lingerie, like so many other things in life, is full of options. And each option is designed to suit a particular outfit. Some popular choices might include:

Bodysuit: This is a one-piece designed to soften your curves in any outfit. Perfect for layering under outfits, wearing with jeans or under a figure-hugging dress.

Black Star Mesh Bodysuit
Star Mesh Bodysuit from NA-KD Lingerie collection

Bralette: These bras have no underwire or padding so are more suitable for women with smaller busts. Perfect with a plain T shirt or blouse.

White Soft Lace Bra
Soft Lace Bralette by NA-KD Lingerie Collection

Corset: Designed to accentuate your figure for an hourglass look. Not the most comfortable piece of underwear but will make an impression.  Perfect with figure-hugging dresses and skirts.

Orange Wide Strap Lace Cup Corset
Wide strap Lace Cup Corset by NA-KD Lingerie Collection

Bustier: Designed to make your bust pop. A bustier is a bra top that accentuates your waist and bust. Perfect with dresses and fitting tops in which the bust is a key feature.

Blue High Cup Lace Bustier
High Cup Lace Bustier by NA-KD Lingerie Collection

What makes you feel comfortable and sexy?

Lingerie is not a one size fits all item. Something that feels good on one person may be completely wrong for another. When choosing underwear, the first question should be “How do I feel?” If the answer is comfortable, sexy and myself, then it’s the right style for you!

What suits you?

Buying lingerie that compliments your body type, shape and curves is vital. If you are on the smaller side and want a fuller look, you will want to choose something with some padding, lace or ruffles. If you are on the larger, curvier side, then a corset or bustier will do wonders for accentuating those beautiful curves and bust. A more athletic body will benefit from underwear choices that make you look curvier than you are. Lace bralettes, padded bras, corsets and bustiers will help in this department.

What’s the occasion?

The right lingerie not only depends on the style and your shape, but also on the outfit and occasion you need it for. For more relaxed events and outfits, you may want to choose something on the more comfortable side. On the other hand, if it’s a weekend getaway pulling out all the stops and going for lace, diamante and bright colours-medium comfort, maximum impact!

What’s The Season?

A change in season will also require a change in underwear. Not only due to the change in weather, but also the impact this will have on outfit choice. It’s a bit of a challenge to look and feel beautiful and comfortable in a corset on a hot summer’s day! The colder winter months allow you to enjoy bodysuits, corsets and bustiers. While the summer months are more about bralettes and lighter bra and underwear sets.

Type, Body Shape, Occasion and Season are the 4 most important factors when choosing the right lingerie for your outfit. And remember, the most important thing is how you feel. Choose for your body type and personal style, and the rest will follow. Unsure of your bra size? This video will help you measure your bra size.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.