Why Kona Coffee is so Popular?


Few caffeinated beverages are more satisfying than a steaming cup of freshly brewed Kona.

Is it the creamy, smooth taste? 

The rich aroma that fills your kitchen? 

Or could it be the culture and history behind this now popular coffee? 

Whatever your reasons for enjoying this coffee, there’s no denying that it’s hard to find a cup of this delicious brew anywhere else in the world. It’s almost like there is magic in those beans. 

Want to learn more about where that magic comes from and why many people are drawn to it? Then read on.

What is Kona Coffee?

Kona is a small and magical island in the Hawaiian archipelago. This tiny volcanic island is located on Hawaii’s “Big Island” and is home to about forty thousand people. Even though it is so small, this coffee has succeeded in making its mark on world history. 

It’s grown at altitudes of 1,200 plus feet and thrives in rich volcanic soil. When you buy 100% Kona, it has a distinct, full-bodied taste you can only get from these special beans. 

Of course, other coffee types are grown worldwide, but only those harvested on this small island can be labeled as 100% Kona Beans.

What Makes it so Special and Popular?


Since there are only about 400 acres of land on the island for growing coffee, Kona coffee has to be harvested very carefully. This is why it’s packed and stored with special care so that you can enjoy it in a few weeks. 

That’s why it tastes so good. It’s just like any natural food, but because it’s grown in such a small amount of land, they have to harvest it fast and in small amounts. Even if you buy whole beans or ground Kona, you still have to watch out for those precious beans because they can easily get destroyed by either animal or insect damage.


Kona Coffee is not only grown at high altitudes but it’s also grown in volcanic soil that doesn’t produce the same aromatic as other types of coffee. 

The flavor characteristics are unique and offered only by fresh, Hawaiian coffee beans. There are many different kinds of coffees, but this particular one commands a price tag that is hard to break away from.

Is Kona Coffee Low in Acid?

Kona is a low acid coffee because the beans are picked at just the right moments of ripeness to ensure that they produce a sweet and aromatic flavor. 

This is why you feel so satisfied and content after sitting down with a cup of this delicious coffee. Here is great list of low acid coffees for you to review.

Things You Should Know about Kona

In addition to the Hawaiian culture, tradition, and history of this coffee, you should also be aware of other essential facts.

Caffeine Levels

It has low levels of caffeine since it is grown at high altitudes above 1,000 feet. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t have any caffeine at all, though, because it does have about 40 milligrams per cup.

Growing Conditions

Kona coffee is extraordinary because it doesn’t grow well in high altitudes or in large quantities. Because of how difficult it is to grow, the coffee beans remain fresh throughout the entire year and are very well-liked by those who love a good cup of coffee.


There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning, brewing up a cup of Kona Coffee, and taking that first sip. The aroma alone will make you feel like you’ve just left a Hawaiian vacation.

Why is it so Expensive?

Kona beans cost more than your average roasted coffee than any premium grade coffee. And it’s because of the high altitude combined with volcanic soil that makes the beans taste so rich and aromatic. It’s hard to find a quality coffee like this anywhere else.

So there you have it; everything you need to know about Kona Coffee. No matter what type of blend or roast of this tasty coffee you prefer, one thing is for sure; it takes a special blend and cultivation process to produce the special taste and flavor you get when drinking this delicious coffee. 

It’s these things that make it so popular and so expensive. But when something is as good as this coffee, it’s hard to say no.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.