7 Things You Should Never Travel Without


There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve forgotten to pack an essential item while traveling. Flight delays are already an inconvenience without running out of battery power on your phone or forgetting your passport. To ensure you have everything you need for an upcoming trip, make a packing list in advance to reduce the risk of failing to include an important item or something that makes your journey more enjoyable.

Creating a packing list gives you time to remember the little things and extras that aren’t always essential but make travel more comfortable or fun. For example, you may want to bring one of your Hublot watches if you’re traveling to an important event like a wedding or business gala or a sleep mask so you can get some shut-eye and wake refreshed at your destination. Here are seven things you should pack whenever you travel for a comfortable and enjoyable getaway.

1.      Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you are traveling by plane or train, you’ll want a pair of headphones to help you tune out other travelers. You can even use them to avoid a conversation with a talkative seatmate or in your hotel room if thin walls and loud neighbors make it hard to relax or sleep. Smaller earphones and wireless headphones are great for travel. Consider the Beats Fit Pro if you’re interested in high-quality, wireless noise-canceling earbuds. They’re designed for comfort and have on-device controls, and the 24-hr combined battery life means they’ll last your entire flight or train journey.

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2.      Insulated Travel Mug

While you won’t be able to bring a filled travel mug through airport security, it’s still wise to bring an empty one to fill later. An insulated travel mug keeps any hot or cold beverage you purchase during your travels at the perfect temperature for longer. Travel mugs are great whether flying, driving, or taking public transit. Look for mugs that are double-wall insulated to ensure the best temperature control. Travel mugs with secure lids are essential for keeping your drink from splashing or spilling. Many insulated travel mugs come with spill-proof covers to prevent liquids from leaking if the mug gets knocked over.

3.      Important Travel Documents

Depending on where you’re traveling, there are several documents you should always take with you. If you’re traveling out of the country, you’ll want to double-check you have your passport and driver’s license or another photo ID. You may also want to bring your health insurance card and your car insurance information in case you get into any accidents. Consider storing all your essential cards and documents together in a case or small bag when packing. All your important information will be easy to locate, and you won’t have to stress out rummaging through your bags.

4.      Jewelry or a Luxury Watch


While you can’t bring your entire jewelry collection, a few statement pieces amp up your style no matter the occasion. Consider packing a necklace or earrings to update your outfits from day into night. Luxury watches are another excellent statement piece to bring. Rolex watches for women or men may be the high-end piece you need to impress while traveling for business — nothing classes up an outfit quite like a classic luxury watch.

5.      Portable Power Charger

Small external chargers are essential for any traveler. They fit easily into a purse, backpack, or suitcase and can charge several electronic devices. You use your smartphone for everything, especially when you travel. It’s easy to run out of power faster than usual, from taking photos to finding the best-rated lunch spots or getting directions from your phone’s mapping apps. If your flight is delayed or you’re in a new city, the last thing you want is to have your phone battery die prematurely. Look for a charger with high capacity so you can charge your phone multiple times without having to plug in your charger. Higher capacity portable chargers can also charge other USB-connected devices like tablets, so your charging needs are covered.

6.      Sleep Mask

It’s harder to sleep when you’re away from the comforts of your own home. The mattress may not be your preferred level of firmness, and your room may be brighter at night than you’re used to. If the curtains aren’t cutting it, a sleep mask can help. A good sleep mask is your portable version of blackout curtains. Look for a sleep mask that contours to your face and an adjustable strap to keep light out without irritating your skin from being too snug. Sleep masks aren’t just for hotel rooms or home-share stays. You can use them while flying or riding in a car when you need to shut out visual stimuli and relax. Pair them with your noise-canceling headphones for complete peace and quiet.

7.      Credit Cards and Cash

While you may not need to bring every credit card you own, make sure you’re traveling with credit cards accepted everywhere. Some places won’t let you pay for things with a Discover or American Express Card — only Visa or Mastercard. Credit cards offer you more security and fraud protection than debit cards, so unless you need to access an ATM or your bank while traveling, consider leaving your debit cards at home. Packing cash also means you’ll have some money on hand to pay for tips or small purchases during your travels. If you’re traveling to more remote places, you could run into cash-only shops or restaurants or have high minimum purchase requirements for credit card use.

Be Prepared

Traveling can be exciting, but forgetting essential items can quickly take the fun out of your trip. Take time before your departure to decide what things you can’t hit the road without and pack those items first. Also, consider that if you’re heading somewhere remote where you can’t purchase replacements, you may need to travel with a backup in case one of your essentials is lost or damaged. This is especially important for chargers for your electronic devices like a cell phone.

Be selective about what you pack to avoid overloading your luggage. If you’re attending a business gala, wedding, or high-end event, you may want to bring one or two luxury watches to choose from. Use a suitcase lock to secure your valuables in your carry-on and make your travel experience hassle-free.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.