15 Best Weed Vaporizers to Buy in 2022


Cannabis! It is a herb that has been undisputedly ruling the world. Many think that the usage of cannabis has recently been discovered, but it is far from the truth. Cannabis has been in use for over hundreds of centuries. If we want to take a quick look into the history, you would be surprised to find that the earliest cannabis usage can be traced back to Egypt. Be it for recreational purposes or medical ones, cannabis is prevalent.

Similarly, vaporizers are also inspired by the Egyptian method of marijuana vaporization. Said to be first invented in 1993 by Eagle Bill, vaporization came into public use. There has been no looking back since then. Since it first came into the public domain, various innovations and developments have occurred.

Modern users have many choices, from portable to desktop/stationary vaporizers. To simplify the selection process, we have compiled a list of the best 15 vaporizers you should buy in 2022.

  • Pax 3
  • Mighty Plus
  • Volcano Hybrid
  • Arizer Solo II
  • Dr. Dabber Switch
  • DaVinci IQ2
  • Storz & Bickel Plenty
  • Firefly 2
  • Arizer Extreme Q
  • Zeus Arc GTS Hub
  • Linx Gaia
  • Arizer Go
  • Utillian 722
  • Arizer V Tower
  • Crafty +

You can find the detailed analysis of each vaporizer below.

1. Pax 3

A few names that immediately pop into your mind while talking about the vaporizers is Pax 3. It is one of the most famous vaporizers and is even considered the iPhone of the vaporizer. Due to its hassle-free handling and portable nature, Pax 3 is immensely loved. Pax 3 has a similar design and build as its predecessor, Pax 2. Its latest features include Bluetooth connectivity and custom temperature setting.

2. Mighty Plus

Another popular vaporizer in the cannabis industry, Mighty Plus, has created a strong impression on the users. A step ahead of the Mighty, Plus has innovative features like USB-C charging port, ceramic coated heating chamber, and improved battery performance. Try this brand-new vaporizer now.

3. Volcano Hybrid

Even though stationary or desktop vaporizers were the first to become public, they are often overshadowed by portable ones. Let’s talk about the desktop vaporizer that changed the whole market. Volcano Hybrid is a hot air generator. It has a classic balloon and whip system. The heating system is considered to be a hybrid convection/conduction type. It’s user-friendly and has a quick response system.

4. Arizer Solo II

The Canadian brand, Arizer, has carved an excellent place for itself. The predecessor Arizer Solo was an instant hit among the vape-lovers. So, when they came out with Arizer Solo II, everyone was excited. Arizer Solo II has new and improved features like a digital display, longer battery life, customization, better airflow, and accurate temperature control.

5. Dr. Dabber Switch

When we talk about the next generation of vaporizers, Dr. Dabber Switch is one to look out for. It has combined two forms, dry herb vaping and dabbing. It is a dual-use vaporizer, dry herb, and wax. Some of its unique features include an intuitive interface, 25 temperature presets, a self-cleaning mode, an automatic cooling system, and more.

6. DaVinci IQ2

Better than the original DaVinci IQ, the IQ2 is loaded with new and improved features. It covered all the shortcomings of its previous version. DaVinci IQ2 has some latest features like precise temperature control, Bluetooth connectivity, 51-light grid display, THC level monitoring, etc. Try now!

7. Storz & Bickel Plenty

Look at this beauty! This stationary vaporizer can produce the thickest cloud and the heaviest vapors you have ever witnessed. The best part is its helix design which keeps the temperature cool. It has seven heat settings and can even work with concentrates. If you like Volcano desktop vaporizer but are wishing for something more compact, discover Storz & Bickel Plenty.

8. Firefly 2+

The most advanced variant from the brand, Firefly 2+, is a force to reckon with. This vaporizer is known for providing some of the purest and most flavorful vapor clouds. Firefly 2+ has many advanced features that were lacking in the previous variant. These include instant convection heating, a better airflow system, bigger battery life, etc. This dry herb vaporizer has everything that you need.

9. Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q is one of the most affordable and cost-friendly desktop vaporizers that we have on the market. It has compatibility with all three, whip, bag, and bubbler. When we talk about the features, it has a ceramic heating chamber with a convection heating system. Other notable features include ceramic heating cups, ultra-quiet fan, LED display, customized temperature control, etc.

10. Zeus Arc GTS Hub

It is impossible not to talk about the Zeus Arc GTS Hub while discussing the best vaporizer on the market. It is a 3rd generation vaporizer hub with almost everything you need while vaping. You will get the vaporizer, charging cable, glass spacer screen, cleaning bristles, grime sticks, wipes, sink, and loading tool in this neatly packed box. So, this is the product for all the budding vapers who are looking for something wholesome.

11. Linx Gaia

Linx Gaia is a high-end product for high-end users. This simple-looking, compact vaporizer has many premium features. It is said to deliver the cleanest-tasting vapours. Equipped with a quartz chamber, Linx Gaia works with a convection heating system. It can heat your herbs in mere 40 seconds. Notable features include a 2200 mAh battery, unique air insulation, and a signature glass mouthpiece. Linx Gaia is an excellent choice for those who have refined taste.

12. Arizer Go

Known as Arizer Go or ArGo, this portable vaporizer is the 5th edition of the Canadian brand, Arizer. Its unique features include adjustable temperature control, LED display, compatibility with Utillian Glass Bubbler, glass vapor path, etc. Try this simple yet unique vaporizer now.

13. Utillian 722

Utillian 722 is one of the best herb vaporizers available in 2022. Heating your greens in just 30 seconds, Utillian 722 is class-apart. Let’s quickly dig into its notable features. Utillian 722 has four different temperature settings, a powerful boost mode, isolated airpath, super-convenient single button operation, etc. It also is equipped with a large stainless steel chamber and a 2300mAh internal battery. Try now!

14. Arizer V Tower

If you’re looking for a desktop vaporizer as mighty as Volcano but is more income-friendly, you’re lucky. Arizer V Tower is a perfect alternative that utilizes a convection heating system. It comes with shorter and longer whips for different temperature settings. Arizer V Tower features a cyclone bowl design to distribute the temperature evenly.

15. Crafty +

The Crafty+ is the successor to the OG vaporiser in the market. Storz & Bickel’s Crafty was very popular among the masses. Crafty+ is manufactured in Germany and is already celebrated for being the best herb vaporizer in the cannabis market. It is made from high-grade plastic and is pretty unique in design. Utilising the internal convection heating system, Crafty+ has set the bar high. Some essential features include an isolated airpath, two base temperatures, one boost temperature setting, haptic feedback, hybrid heating, etc. Buy now!

Phew! We tried to list the best vaporizers, including portable and desktop vaporizers, that you should look out for. That was a long-a** list for you guys to choose from. Treat yourself and watch out for this space for more informational content.

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Written by Megan Taylor
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