5 Essential Jewelry Styling Tips You Need to Know


Everyone wishes to look good. When you are satisfied with your appearance, you feel confident and feel good about yourselves. So, you need to dress properly to look stunning and attractive. But just wearing an expensive and amazing outfit won’t help you look attractive. To stand out and grab attention, you need to pay equal attention to your outfit, accessories, and other minute details. One such important detail that can elevate your look is Jewelry, but if not styled properly it can also wreck your outfit.

Jewelry holds a special place in the heart of both men and women. They have the power to transform your entire look, make your outfit look unique, and help you make an excellent fashion statement. You must be having an overflowing collection of jewelry ranging from an expensive pair of diamond rings to a collection of Women’s Designer Beaded Bracelets that you brought from an online jewelry store. Despite having a huge collection of jewelry items, you may not be using most of them and maybe wondering where to start.

If you are not sure how to use your collection of jewelry or how to style it with your outfit, you can look at the following style tips. Delve into these styling tips and enhance the fashionista in you.

Create Layering with rings, necklaces, or bangles

Even though fashion is about looking good, it is mostly about having fun. So, why don’t you be a bit experimental and have fun with your overflowing collection of jewelry? Try incorporating jewelry of various, sizes, lengths, colors, and shapes to make stylish layers of necklaces and bangles.

While layering, wearing necklaces of different sizes will give a classy and modern look. For instance, try wearing a medium-sized gold necklace with a long gold one. This will give sophisticated look to your outfit. You can do the same for bangles. Try to mix and match bangles and bracelets of various shapes and colors to get a dynamic look. While layering in hands add as much as possible with different colors and let them jingle as you move. To add more flair to your outfit, try to wear some rings like turquoise or cocktail rings.

If you have multiple ear piercings, you can be experimental with earrings as well. Try wearing hoops and ear cuffs to get a cool and stylish look.

Know when to stop

Layering and stacking are fun and interesting. It will help you showcase your unique fashion statement. But understand when to stop.  With a vast collection of jewelry, you often go overboard and over accessorize yourself.  Especially when you are trying new styles, there is a possibility of mishaps. After wearing the jewelry make sure that they are complimenting your outfit. If you feel that some of the jewelry is overshadowing you and your outfit, it is better to remove those excessive ones. Sometimes accessorizing can lead to disasters. Therefore be aware of when to stop.

Styling aims to boost your confidence. Therefore, try to wear only those pieces of jewelry which will boost your confidence.

Understand the focal point of your outfit

The first step is to figure out which part of your body you need to highlight. There are various focal points like the face, hands, and neck, and depending on the selection of your jewelry you can highlight those specific features. For instance, by wearing an eye-catchy earring and a simple necklace, you will be able to draw attention to your face.

Understand where you want people to focus. If you are not confident in your outfit, by wearing some extremely fashionable ornaments, you can draw attention to your style sense. On the other hand, if you want people to look at your expensive dress, wear smaller and more subtle jewelry pieces.

Don’t get trapped in trends

Trends influence what we are wearing to an extent. It is okay to follow the latest fashion trends to an extent, but never be a slave to trends. All the trends and fashion won’t suit one’s taste and personality. So, instead of running after fashion trends, try to figure out what suits you and create your style.

Most often we wear outfits and pieces of jewelry that are uncomfortable, just because it is the latest trend. We need to remember that an individual will look appealing when they are confident. If you are wearing something that is not of your taste, you won’t be confident. Therefore, instead of being a victim of fad, consider your skin tone, shape of your face, and structure, and wear jewelry that suits you.

Ignore the Rules

The dress is an extension of your personality and will reflect your fashion statement. Therefore, consider dressing as fun and something personal. Instead of looking at others, look at yourself. Instead of imitating others, try to find the real you. If you do not want to try the typical fashion tips and want to try something creative and chaotic, go for it.

Remember that fashion is not just about being trendy or modern. It is an art, a way of representing yourself, and making a unique statement. So, explore the real you with those precious pieces of jewelry and have fun experimenting with new styles.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.