5 Swimsuit Trends To Elevate Your Fashion IQ


The swimsuit trends for the summer of 2022 are all about colors, fabric designs, and small but irreplaceable details. Cut-outs and twists are also making a fun entrance this year and promising to last in the years ahead. As you begin your swimsuit search (or perhaps you’ve already gotten started), be on the hunt for these key swimsuit trends this summer. 

1. Belted Swimsuits

Belted swimsuits may look a little different than you’d expect. This style often uses a more subtle belt detail, like a thin string that ties around the waist or swooping pieces of fabric that tie just above your belly button. 

Some styles use thicker belt details, which offer more of a cinching effect. In either case, swimsuits with a belt detail are both flattering and trendy. You’ll commonly find this detail incorporated into a one-piece style, as the belt helps draw the waist in and break up the design. 

Two pieces can share the look with a belted high-rise bottom. 

One of the key benefits of this trend is its versatility. The color, cut, and style of your one-piece won’t matter. Anything with a belt detail will automatically elevate your look to the latest fashion. Plus, having the ability to cinch your waist makes your suit even more adjustable and better fitted to your body. 

Photo: Petty-boii

2. Ties And Straps: The More The Merrier

You can’t have too many straps or ties this summer. Bring out the strappiest, most tied-up bikini tops or one-piece you can find, and get ready to lead the trend. Bikinis arguably carry the strappy trend, but one-pieces and monokinis can be involved, too. 

As you’re perusing swimsuits this year, look for straps that tie and loop across the waist. Bikini tops with long straps look stunning wrapped across your lower ribs. Multiple shoulder straps also give a unique and stylish look to swimsuits, whether they be one or two-piece. 

Keep an eye out for strappy bottoms, too. Bikini bottoms with ties on the sides are both cute and wickedly adjustable–the perfect combination. 

Photo: Petty-boii

3. Bright Colors

GIve the summer sun a run for its money with brightly colored swimsuits. 

Though neutrals and pastels have been cute trends of the past, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of color and fun. Aim for colors within the neon range, or any that are bright and cheerful. If color isn’t your thing, ease into this trend with a bright orange or yellow-still a bit neutral, but fun. 

Try a colorful matching bikini set this summer, or a bright one-piece. With bikinis, you’ll have more options for mixing and matching, offering you even more colorful sets. Pink bottoms with a blue top, purple with pink, yellow and blue–the options are limitless. 

Photo: Petty-boii

4. Ring Details

Be your own Lord of The Rings this summer and collect as many suits with ring details as you can find. You’ll find rings connecting cups on bikinis, adding cute details to bikini bottoms, or creating a flattering cut-out in one-pieces and monokinis. 

The rings vary in size, with some smaller ones playing a more detail-focused role and larger ones being the focal point of a swimsuit. In either case, incorporating ring details is a cute and flattering way to be on-trend this summer

Ring details look great paired with a variety of colors and suit styles. Whether you want to go for something bright this summer or something more subdued, rings have your back. 

Photo: Petty-boii

5. “Barely There” Styles

What about your skin? Show it! Go as risky as you dare this summer with teeny bikini tops, bottoms, and one-pieces with plenty of cut-outs. Not only will you look good, so will your tan. 

Incorporate other ’22 trends by wearing bright pieces with high-cuts, cheeky styles, and straps galore. With metallic and sparkly looks resurfacing this year, be sure to also try an itty-bitty set made with a fabric that sparkles. 

This trend isn’t lost on one-pieces, either. Go for an open back and high-cut legs to maximize how much skin you show. Low necklines and cleavage cut-outs also accomplish this idea. Don’t forget the power of mesh, either-mesh cut-outs and V-neck plunges look amazing in one-piece and monokini styles.

Photo: Petty-boii

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.