Benefits of Full-Rim Glasses


Heading over to the glasses store, your primary aim is to buy a pair that suits your personality and offers remarkable functionality. Glasses are typically categorized into half-rim, full-rim, and rimless frame designs. And people’s preference for a pair depends on their facial features, the situation they’re going to wear glasses in, and their personal liking or disliking.

Yet, there’s this one frame that curates all your concerns relevant to the glasses design; the full-rim frame. Why is this frame considered ideal for every face type? What are the quality benefits of full-rim glasses? Stay intact as we answer these queries in this article:

Benefits in Terms of Appearance

Sunglasses & spectacles in today’s world are primarily a source of displaying your looks. Being a shades-lover, you’d prefer a frame that befits your style and keeps your flamboyant appearance in check. Here’s how full-rim pairs curate these concerns:

1. Full-Rim Frames Offer Sheer Versatility

Full-rim frames are versatile. They can fuse into your character, no matter the type of personality you possess.

If you’re a frequent outgoer or socializer, you would love to remain in the spotlight the entire time. Your energy levels up with every bit of attention you get, and that’s what the bold full-rim sunglasses would offer you!

On the contrary, if your personality asks for the least attention with a restricted attitude, According To TheShadesHut, the full-rim glasses are there to help you with that too. The conventional black or grey frames of your rimmed glasses will conceal the maximum facial features, something you won’t prefer exposing being an introvert. Furthermore, the neutrality in their color allows them to blend right into your attire without spicing up

So, whether you love attention or fancy being a quiet person in the background, full-rim should be your go-to pair either way.

2. Ideal Frame for Beginners

Full-rim glasses feature both thick and thin frames to match your flair. They offer everything from simplicity, decency, and understated looks to the bold, audacious, and daring appearance.

If you’re just starting off with your glasses and can’t decide on a perfect shape, opt for the conventional full-rim square or rectangular pairs. These frames will help you get used to the glasses, and later on, you may move on towards more innovative full-rim styles.

3. Full-Rims can be Molded into Every Shape

All glasses-shape peak when they’re infused with the full-rim design. You must’ve noticed that all designer and celebrity sunglasses styles primarily come in rimmed frames; let that be the ageless aviators, the in-fashion cat-eye, or the bold flat-oversized glasses.

This is mainly because full-rim frames allow brands to show off their trademarks to the fullest. For instance, the “Medusa” figure of Versace is only prominent on the thick full-rim pairs. Likewise, the famous Havana color of sleek Burberry glasses is visible only on the full-rim frames. The same goes for Ray-Ban’s signature aviator & Oakley’s Holbrook.

Evidently, if you’re a sunglasses-freak and aim to wear the shades “recognizable” at a glance, you must go for the full-rim designer glasses.

4. They Make Perfect Reading or Prescription Glasses

The composition of prescription glasses is way different from that of generic or designer pairs. Spectacles are worn all day long and hence their formation is based on comfort and durability. Even during the reading, you might not prefer overly buoyant pairs, rather the thin-framed laid-back glasses should be perfect for a more focused reading session. The silky, slim full-rim prescription pairs, therefore, must be your ideal reading or eyesight glasses as they tend to go easy on the eyes and offer remarkable durability.

Quality Benefits of Full-Rim Glasses

Aside from glaring or restrained looks, full-rim pairs accompany some superb quality benefits. Here’s how these frames stand out in terms of quality:

1. Quality Materials

Full-rim glasses feature premium quality materials extracted from hypoallergenic metals and superior forms of plastic such as nylon-based acetate. Here are two types of frame materials that are in fashion for full-rims:

  • Metal Frames: People might have concerns over the allergic reactions of rimmed metal frames. But the material used nowadays is a product of fully hypoallergenic metals. Glasses with such frames are lightweight and their thin outline offers a minimalist look.
  • Nylon Frames: Nylon, also known as Acetate Frames (since acetate is Nylon-based), is an upgraded form of conventional plastic. The “blended Nylon” used today is way less allergic as compared to metals and can be shaped into thick and bold full-rim frames.

2. Exceptional Longevity

Longevity is something you desire the most from your glasses and it remains the topmost quality feature of full-rim frames. Rimless or semi-rim styles are always prone to breaking even with gentle pressure. They’re extremely delicate due to the absence of a compact encasing around the lenses making them susceptible to external pressure.

Full-rim frames, on the other hand, offer better flexibility & sturdiness, and hence are way more durable than others. If designed with Nylon-based acetate frames, their durability multiplies due to the impact and shatter-resistant nature of Nylon. So, if you’re purchasing eyeglasses or sunnies for day-long wearing, opt for the full-rims as they tend to serve for several years.

3. Frame Saves the Lens

A complete encasing of the frame around the lens keeps it from breaking or popping out (as is the case in half-rim frames). Full-rim frames perfectly hold the lenses which enhances the overall durability of the pair.

Most designer glasses have a simple lock & unlock model to remove and install replacement lenses, something that seems less likely with the rimless frames. For instance, Oakley offers lens removal for its full-rim & half-rim pairs. Most Oakleys feature a simple lock that opens up with a gentle push. The rest of them come with a screw-based lock system for more secure lenses. But all this is possible either on full-rim or half-rim Oakley glasses.


Full-rim frames make up your ideal glasses with a complete package of durability, secured lenses, better frame materials, and extensive styles options. On top of everything, full-rims in square and rectangular frames have always been in-style and have stamped their prominence in eyewear fashion forever. So, if you’re a beginner with shades or eyeglasses, the conventional full-rim frames are there to rescue you. Wear them to experience versatility within the lines of contemporary fashion.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.