A Guide To Wearing Backless Dresses

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We all love to show some skin and the backless dress is one of the most popular designs seen at the prom over the past few years, yet some girls are a little apprehensive about showing so much flesh. In this article, a few tips are offered on how to pull off wearing a backless dress to the 2022 prom.

  • Choosing Undergarments – It is critical that you choose the right bra when wearing a backless dress. You obviously don’t want people to see any bra-strap and a low strung, tie up bra is an excellent choice. Panties might also leave a line, so do be careful about that. Ask a friend to take a look when you have a dress rehearsal, just to be on the safe side.
  • Stick On Silicone – If you have small breasts and do not need the supports, you could get away with silicone stick on pads to stop your nipples showing through. If you would like to order a few sets, search with Google for fashion accessories and you are sure to bump into these handy little items that could make for a more comfortable evening.
  • Adhesive Bras – You can buy the two bra cups that can be stuck to your body, which is perfect for a backless dress and with one of the designer winter formal dance dresses you find at an online boutique, you will have the perfect evening and not have to worry about a mishap.
  • Tanning – If you decide to top up that 2022 tan, a backless number really shows off your healthy skin. If you plan to spray tan, do it around a week before the prom to have that healthy glow.
  • Skin-Colored Bra – If you can find a bra with straps the same color as your skin, why not wear it? No one is going to get that close and if you are planning to spend half the night on the dance floor, would it really be a big deal?
  • Buying A Designer Backless Dress – The best place to start your quest for the perfect backless dress is Google. Search for designer dress boutiques near you and that will give you a list of websites. Prices at the online boutique are the lowest you will find and top designers are represented, with all sizes and in many cases, free delivery.
  • Feel Confident – If you have a dress rehearsal (minus hair and make-up), you will feel more confident on the big night. Ask a couple of friends to come over and get their opinion and for a perfect fit, take the dress to a local seamstress.
  • Accurate Measurement – It is vital that your measurements are accurate, even more so with a backless dress, as you want the fabric to hang just right. You could ask mom to help with this, she would certainly be able to do this and this will ensure the dress is the right size.

There are top-rated designers who offer their creations in the online boutique and they have the best deals when it comes to designer dresses. Whatever your style preference, you are sure to find something ideal for the coming prom and then you can start to think about accessories.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.