5 Reasons Why You Must Go to India at Least Once in Your Life


A trip to India can change your life. In this land full of contrasts, you can breathe a multi-faceted atmosphere that will soon alter your vision of the world. Mystical ceremonies coexist with vibrant parades, placid-looking cows flank colored trucks. It’s a swirling harmony of opposites that becomes a perfect circle. But if you think this is not convincing enough, why don’t you have a look at these five reasons why you must go to India at least once in your life?

You’ve never experienced anything like it

Forget any Western logic or habit. India will welcome you into its joyful collective disorder. From the sacred cows sleeping on the train tracks to the Hindu temples that celebrate thousands of divinities, from the hundreds of different dialects used throughout the country to a burning passion for handmade jewelryIndia is large, majestic, and disorienting. Beautifully disorienting.

Indian cuisine will leave a mark

Spices and aromas, this is what Indian cuisine is (mostly) about. But as you should have learned already, this country is built on differences and uniqueness. For instance, the north is famous for its less aromatic, meat-based dishes. One of their specialties is chicken tikka masala, roasted marinated chicken chunks in spiced curry sauce.

On the contrary, the southerners prefer spicy, vegetarian food. An example? Garam masala, a popular spice mix consisting of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and additional spices that vary by region and personal recipe.

You’ll find the landscape you love

Whether you want to climb to the top of the Himalayas, surf the waves of Kerala, wander the desert of Rajasthan or play Robinson Crusoe on the Andaman Islands, anything is possible in India. Your only limit is time. This country is so huge that it would be impossible to visit everything it offers in one trip. Even the Indian population doesn’t know every corner of this marvelous land. But don’t despair, it’s just another reason to come back once again!

Locals are extraordinary

Indian people are something else. What makes them unique is their attitude, as genuine and transparent as it can get. They can be welcoming and warm, always ready to lend a hand, but they can be challenging to deal with at times. They perfectly represent all the beautiful contradictions of India, but they will always teach you something. Whether it’s to be generous towards others or be present and self-conscious, spending time with these people will likely change your way of seeing the world around you.

It’s a spiritual experience

Traditions are still essential in India, more than in other places. For example, even if castes are now outlawed, they are still the basis of their hierarchical system in many cities and villages. But nothing defines Indians more than their religious traditions. India’s main religion is Hinduism, followed by Islam, mainly in northern India and in the areas closest to Pakistan.

A trip to India is an excellent opportunity to discover Hinduism up close. However, India’s main religion is far more different than Western religions. Above all, Hinduism is a great culture, a way of living and being, nourishing oneself and loving. Still, it is also a set of religious experiences dissimilar to each other that share the same goal. Ultimately, Hinduism seeks a peaceful coexistence between all the different elements that constitute reality. Does it ring a bell?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.