A Dream Wedding With a Dream Sleeper Bridal Collection Outfit


At this point, we have heard a lot about Sleeper – the Ukrainian brand that has been in the fashion industry for 8 years now. The label has made a lot of noise turning lounge- and sleepwear casual. Moreover, they have even made an impact on the modern fashion world by bringing in the importance of comfort in style. Since their first launch in 2014, Sleeper has come a long way and introduced several pretty popular collections:

  • Party Collection
  • Sizeless Pajamas line
  • Holiday collection

The brand has also developed its variety of designs since in the very beginning they only started with black and white simple pajama sets. Now, anyone can find anything for every occasion.

And when we say for “every” – we mean it, as Sleeper has also recently introduced their special collection for brides. Sleeper bridal collection, as the label’s creators Kate and Asya Zubarieva intended, is designed “for the altar and the happily ever after”. The bridal capsule is dedicated to the notion of pure, wholehearted love, and, unarguably, it can be seen in every piece – from the linen wedding dress to ballet flats. This collection can be called a quintessence of the main Sleeper’s feature – a perfect balance between leisurewear and special occasions clothing. With Sleeper, you can leave the world of ball gowns and empire dresses behind and step into the future of elegance and practicality.

Sleeper – your special choice on the special day

Source: https://the-sleeper.com/en/collection/bridal-collection-en/

If you follow the Sleeper website right to the wedding garment capsule section, the first thing you’ll notice is a short description of all the pieces in the category. It says that the collection will make you “fall in love with love”, and we couldn’t agree more! When looking at all the carefully created and chosen clothing pieces, all there is to think about is the love and dedication of the creators towards designing a perfect wedding outfit.

Just take a look at their Boheme Slip Dress with Feathers, for example. Golden Age of Hollywood-inspired, this dress is the epitome of luxury and refinement. And Sleeper’s signature feather accents only add up a dramatic, yet stunning look to the whole outfit. Other incredible designs include Opera, Atlanta, and Paloma dresses either in white or pearl white. When it comes to these pieces, you can choose those designs to be in silk or linen. All the dresses have their special details. For Opera dress, it is its tapered puff sleeves and embroidered details, for Atlanta gown – its smocked waistline, and Paloma dress has distinguishing lace sleeves and a sensual, slightly flounced hem. There is also another special linen wedding dress by Sleeper – the Michelin gown in white, which will undoubtedly emphasize your tender figure line. And if you are looking to add details to your special look, Sleeper also offers a few extra items: the Snow White Cape, Zephyr Ruffle Gloves in White, and two elegantly designed pairs of shoes – neat & sweet Mille-feuille Silk Flats and refined Aristocat Satin Ballet Flats in White.

So, who wears the pants?

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CX9N7hXIRXL/

You were probably wondering if such a progressive brand has introduced something so incredibly special into their that it would be worth your immediate attention? And the answer is yes! This brand values comfort and confidence, that’s why they have also included two pajamas sets with pants into their Sleeper bridal collection. Thus, if you like the idea of wearing a suit to your wedding, you should take a look at Sleeper’s offers. First and foremost, let’s talk about their mesmerizing Stardust Lurex Lounge Suit with Pants in White. The shimmering fabrics, the ruffled cuffs, the statement collar, and flared pants – it all gives off a strong vibe of champagne, fun, and celebration. Just imagine rocking the dance floor at your wedding after-party in this glistening outfit. Everyone will know that the bride got both the moves and the style!

And if you are as big of a fan of fathers, as Sleeper is, you will also like their bridal pajamas with feathers. A perfect choice both for the bridesmaids and the bride, this hugely-beloved piece will leave everyone speechless. Vintage-inspired, the viscose bridal pajamas with feathers and mother-of-pearl button details will add some chic and emphasize your natural femininity on that special day. No one can withhold you from making a statement, and a Sleeper suit is a perfect piece for that. These two pajama sets will help you express self-confidence and show off your sense of style.

It’s so much more than just a wedding garment

The variety that Sleeper offers is undeniable. And that covers not only the number of collections but also the diversity of styles and designs within one specific fashion capsule. They also offer a perfect choice when it comes to material. You can choose pajama sets and dresses made from 100% natural linen or silk, as well as pieces from the most high-quality viscose. Not to mention that the fabrics they use are eco-friendly and have the highest level of breathability and moisture absorption.

Every piece is hand-sewn by professional seamstresses, which brings Sleeper clothes to the greatest level of quality. In their bridal collection, it is said that it offers a “wedding dress for now and forever”. Well, considering the amount and the quality of work put into each piece of clothing, it is a true statement. Sleeper has always been distinguished by its sustainability. That’s why their clothes are worn not one season or for one occasion. They are diverse and multifunctional. Your wedding dress can be a bridesmaid’s dress for your friend’s wedding. Or you can wear it for a New Year’s party at work. Sleeper linen dresses are also a great choice for summer events. As you can see, there is much more to Sleeper than just a beautiful wrapping. It’s designed for those who value practicality, comfort, and personal style, and you are such a person yourself.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.