How to Surprise Your Special Someone on Valentine’s Day


Alfred Tennyson once said, “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.” This quote rightly describes the condition of those who are hit hard by the cupid’s arrow. If all you can do is think about a special someone and your world seems incomplete without them, then admit it, you are in love. And, Valentine’s week is the perfect time to confess your love. Are you all set to plan an awe-worthy surprise on Valentine’s Day for your crush or your partner and take them on Cloud 9? Take a look at our impeccable ways and start right away!

Do it with Fresh Flowers

Flowers are synonymous with beauty and love. They are fragile yet a symbol of beauty, and their fragrance can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Furthermore, roses are the most preferred Valentine’s flowers as different colours of roses represent a special feeling and emotion. The white ones stand for loyalty and young love, the red ones symbolise deep and passionate love, and the pink ones for sweetness and so forth, and so on. Therefore, you can gift a bunch of flowers to your partner as they will make for one of the best surprises for Valentine’s Day.

Confess your Love at Midnight

Go all out and plan the most romantic midnight surprise for your significant other. With so many websites delivering cakes and flowers at midnight, you can win your partner’s heart within a few seconds. Get a bouquet and a cake that says ‘I love you’. Either drop by their house at midnight or let the online portals deliver your love on time. Both these ways will help you in confessing your love in a magical way and will sweep your partner off their feet.

Add a Personal Touch

Do you believe in giving a thoughtful present? If it is a clear nod, then you can make the day super memorable for your beloved, by getting a personalised mug or personalised photo frame. Today, there are plenty of online portals that can help you plan the best Valentine’s surprises. You can scout the internet, find a range of personalised gifts and customise them according to your preference. For example, you can add a special picture of you both on a photo frame and make your partner go all nostalgic!

Plan a Romantic Evening


Valentine’s week brings in a lot of romance with it. If it is your first Valentine’s Day together, then you can make it intimate by planning a romantic evening for your BAE! You can get a bunch of flowers, deck up the venue with balloons, get a delicious cake and surprise them with the best first Valentine’s Day gifts like perfumes or a love letter. You can also plan a romantic evening at home, by setting up candles, popcorn and putting up a movie that you both like.

Pamper them with their Fav Delicacies

Get ready to pamper your Valentine by ordering their favourite food and desserts. If you have a partner who is crazy about food, then this indeed will be the best present ever! Furthermore, if you are looking for Valentine’s Day online surprises, then ordering a dessert for them and adding a sweet note on it will win you brownie points!

Take them out on a Vacation


Have you already tried all the above pointers? Don’t worry. We have more and the best ones. And, the next one says it all. If your S.O is a passionate adventure lover, then we have just the idea you need. Take your partner out for a vacation and let them relax and rejuvenate along with you. Take them out for a fancy spa session or a candlelight dinner and leave them in awe!

Prepare an Extravagant Meal for them

To surprise them on Valentine’s Day, you can prepare an extravagant meal for them. Take out your apron and brush up your skills by watching a few videos and you are all set. A hearty and home-cooked meal will convey all your love and make them feel special at the same time. Your efforts will straight away appeal to their taste buds. Don’t forget to make the dessert that they are fond of.

Did you find your inspiration? Now, get ready to plan an unforgettable surprise on Valentine’s Day for your beloved and make them go WOW. Smother them with kisses, hugs, and heartwarming gifts and raise a toast to your love story in style. From midnight surprises to a fun-packed vacation, our list has it all. Hence, our above-listed ways will surely make the d-day the happiest day for you and your partner. So, jot them down, do some leg-work and go win your partner’s or crush’s heart most impressively!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.